Irina Agibalova complained of tumor growth

Ирина Агибалова пожаловалась на рост опухоли Eks-the participant “Houses-2” is experiencing due to health problems. Irina Agibalova for three years, trying to cope with a terrible disease. In another attempt to overcome illness celebrity turned to Eastern medicine.

The star of the popular electroni Irina Agibalova repeatedly shared my revelations about his health. She admits that for the fourth year in a row suffer from chronic headaches. In addition, recently in the woman’s brain was discovered a benign tumor. But, despite the already spent force, “mommy telestroke” not giving up and trying by all means to overcome the disease. So, on the eve of the celebrity talked about the fact that even appealed to the osteopath.

“Massage therapist saves me from suffering, but he’s not a wizard, though a great specialist” – says Irina Alexandrovna.

In addition, according to the woman, for the last time, the tumor ceased to decrease, and migraine only intensified. Probably the reason for this was lack of sleep and constant stress. Now Agibalova confesses that he is afraid to surrender to the disease.

By the way, in a recent interview with “StarHit” the star complained to another member of the TV show – Tatyana Afrikantova. According to Irina Alexandrovna, because of worries about unexplained conflict she began to feel much worse. Every time at the thought of scandal, the woman experiences a terrible headache and couldn’t be saved even with medicine. Irina Agibalova: “due to slander Africanoboi I could be in trouble with a tumor”

Recall that recently the Internet has spread nasty rumors about Agibalova. According to information in social networks, a celebrity allegedly was in prison all his life cheated on her husband and is intimate with Prokhor Chaliapin. It turned out that the rumors about the first “mother of telestroke” dismissed Tatyana Afrikantov. Then slandered the woman had to be tested on a lie detector to prove his innocence.

However, neither public condemnation nor disease are unable to break Irina Alexandrovna. It is, as before, tries to enjoy life. In the microblog star willingly shares photographs and videos, which show in the company of his children and grandchildren. Ex-member of the project believes that the most important thing is to support and loved ones near. By the way, subscribers, celebrity and do not leave pet alone with sad thoughts. From time to time they write the star the kind words and wishes.

“Ira! You are a beautiful woman! Everything will be okay!” “How old is already watching you. I can’t believe you can be so strong man. Bravo! Low bow to you!”, “The best. Love. Don’t listen to anybody, believe in yourself and everything will work out,” write the users of social network Irina Alexandrovna.

Now the woman is going to do anything to stop the growth of tumor and stop the headaches. “I will do a repeat MRI”, – shared his plans for Irina in an interview with “House-2”.