Ирина Агибалова не может продать шикарный дом Famous thelebanese was forced to turn to a psychic. The woman suggests that the blame mystical forces that don’t allow her to say goodbye to the housing. Also Irina Agibalova suspected that her family bedevilled.

    Ирина Агибалова не может продать шикарный дом

    Fear for the family made the former participant “Houses-2” to visit a psychic. Recently, the star of the home country telestroke Irina Agibalova appealed to a clairvoyant Jeanne Campfire. To go to counseling to women Irina Alexandrovna made problem, which haunts her for the seventh year is the number of years the family Agibalova can’t sell your gorgeous three-storey cottage in Pavlovo Posad.

    “How many calls I received over the years – do not count! – says Irina Alexandrovna. But all the time something prevented the potential buyer to get to us – then the car broke down, urgent business trip… In all that time only one buyer crossed the threshold of our home, but, alas, we do not agree on the price. It really is not low at 25 million, but I must say the house is worth the money. Three floors plus basement, 780 squares, elegant gardens – I doubt that someone in the real estate market would offer a better price than we do. I have begun to suspect that selling a home would prevent some mystic power, because of a neighbor’s house and then sold and for a small amount…”

    Psychic Jeanne Kostrova confirmed the speculation Agibalova – no supernatural forces there has not been. “The lack of demand for the mansion is easily explained, says MAG. – The fact that the house family Agibalova bought with great love and invested a huge amount of effort. Irina did everything to make housing comfortable and so now it does not let her – don’t want to lose such wonderful hosts.”

    Ирина Агибалова не может продать шикарный дом

    Also, the psychic suggested that after 7-8 months Irina Alexandrovna will have a chance to sell. Jeanne said that the outcome of the transaction depends on whether I “energy push” the situation” – says Agibalov. But housing is not the only thing that forced a woman to consult a clairvoyant.

    “I’m a little afraid of the situation in the family of my eldest daughter Oli – says Agibalov. – She had a conflict with one woman-a psychic – she behaved inappropriately, Olga had an argument and now fears that in retaliation will bring our family the damage. But, fortunately, Jeanne reassured me that this is impossible, because we have a very good defense, which “put” my close friend Aza Petrenko, also a psychic. Plus, Jeanne gave me as a talisman plate. It seems nothing special, the usual souvenir and hold it to her hands and feel the heat, like from a candle. Don’t know how to explain it, but I believe the plate will be protected by our home – put it on the shelf of the closet in the hall.”

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