Ирина Агибалова похвасталась обновленной кухней Luxurious interior impressed fans of the stars “House-2”. Irina Agibalova gradually carries out repairs in his large country house. She has transformed the bedroom, bathroom and now the kitchen.

      Irina Agibalova gradually transforms his entire large country house in the suburbs. Only that the star of “House-2” has completed repairs in the kitchen, where she spends a lot of time. To upgrade this part of the family, a woman approached with special care.

      It was in the kitchen Irina conducts surveys of its culinary video blog, which is very popular among her fans. Therefore, in this case the room should perform not only their direct functions, but also serve as a Studio for filming. This plan was implemented in full. Agibalova shared with fans a detailed video of the incident in the kitchen change.

      “It’s time to introduce you to my kitchen that I have long wanted to upgrade. All very nice, very functional. Everything was done just the way I wanted. Now it will be easy to remove cooking video blogs that you love so much. Sink by the window, as I had long dreamed of. Beautiful ceiling. Coffee machine, microwave, gas surface. In General, everything is beautiful and functional,” – said Irina.

      It is worth noting that fans of the stars “House-2” has shown enviable unanimity in the comments to the video. Everyone loved the works of Irina. Many of the Housewives have even called updated room the “kitchen of their dreams.”

      “Very nice to get the kitchen, congratulations! Your husband is good”, “you Have great taste! Gorgeous kitchen! I liked it very much”, “Soon I will have a new kitchen, I will take the idea in your kitchen! Super! You have done that update your home, Class! As of the housing problem”, “Yes, the dream of any housewife! I’m in the kitchen for hours, and this still would have slept! I congratulate you on the new dress”, “Oh my God! How beautiful! I even forgot to breathe when watching”, “Very beautiful! I love that top white and the bottom dark. In this kitchen a pleasure to cook! What to cook to live,” wrote fans Agibalova.

      We will remind, recently life has presented Irina a nasty surprise. A woman who was actively engaged in all summer landscaping the house and adjoining territory, were greatly upset by the consequences of the past in the suburbs of a hurricane. Due to the bad weather had broken the trees on the site stars. Famous thelebanese decided not to keep a negative emotions.

      Trouble brought Irina Agibalova to a nervous breakdown

      “I just today sat down and cried after seeing the destruction. I’m so tired, I do repairs and left just a week or two to complete, and you can go to relax before the beginning of the school year! And here we are again! Again to find someone else to fix it, again, costs, people, problems, time and nerves. I, of course, strong and positive, but sometimes I have my breakdowns, and I feel that all the problems for me were solved by magic,” complained Irina in the microblog.

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