Ирина Агибалова похвасталась покупкой бриллиантового авто The star of “House-2” told “StarHit” about the acquisition. Irina Agibalova changed the old car to a modern. After a time, a costly foreign car, a woman plans to present to the heir.
Ирина Агибалова похвасталась покупкой бриллиантового авто

One of the most famous heroines of the home electroni of the country Irina Agibalova recently bought a new car. Car white female wanted for a long time. To dream ex-member of the project sold together and added money. The acquisition cost of a celebrity in two million 200 thousand rubles. Details Irina has shared with “StarHit”.

I’m driving a very long time. I drive from an early age. Now decided to change cars every three years. In General, this model was chosen son, than I am. He wanted me to have a car. What can we say – this brand is really different from all the others. The car is gorgeous: the diamond lattice, the eighteenth rims, white color. We are very happy.

Knowing that now the house will stand Agibalova brand new foreign car, relatives and friends rushed to congratulate her happy owners. Noted the purchase of Irina in the narrow circle of the family: husband George and son Oleg. 17-year-old waiting for his adulthood, too, to get the opportunity to sit behind the wheel.

“Of course, the son expects that in a year I will give him a car. So apparently will. He really likes. When my husband came home from work, we took a little ride and then drank beautiful champagne. Well, and, as expected, a little sprinkled on the car,” says Agibalova.

The woman had already managed to estimate and functional side of the car. It turned out that in the current model there is no gearbox – it is replaced by buttons and levers under the steering wheel.

“Very interesting device. There’s a big screen, which is submitted separately, all management is done manually, very convenient and unusual panel on the steering wheel,” continues the star of “House-2”.

Interestingly, numerous followers “Instagram” Agibalov-senior decided that favorite purchased used cars from Irina Dubtsova. In the comments to posts of a woman they leave dozens of messages, alluding to the deception. According to her, the followers could easily be confused, because the publication of the singer on the sale of foreign cars were exhibited on the day of purchase Irina Alexandrovna similar model.