Irina Agibalova again started repair

Ирина Агибалова вновь затеяла ремонт Now the mother of a former participant of “House-2” it updates the kitchen. Irina Agibalova in the spring finished the arrangement of the bathroom. Famous thelebanese no idea how to cook for a whole month.

      Ирина Агибалова вновь затеяла ремонт

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Irina Agibalova gradually transforming your country cottage. Famous thelebanese decided to renovate the kitchen. All fans know that Agibalova loves to cook, and to share with subscribers images of gourmet dishes and sometimes shares recipes. Now Irina is going through, as the whole month will be to do without a kitchen is going to change the interior.

      “Houses renovated kitchen! Where am I gonna cook? Oh! For a whole month without a kitchen left! Will have to migrate to the gazebo. Even a little scary. A month” – said in a microblog Agibalova.

      Fans were quick to support the former participant “Houses-2”, assuring that the month will fly by. They said that now Agibalova don’t have to spoil their children and grandchildren delights, as daughters and their families live not with her.

      “Irina, do not worry, in April I moved to the gazebo, too, in connection with the renovation of the kitchen, has now decided to stay here until September, although repairs were done, somehow dragged us arbor”, “Show kitchen renovation? Always interested in “was” and “became”. Bath done!”, “What style of kitchen will be?” – responded to fans Agibalova.

      Not so long ago Irina returned from Cyprus, where I was visiting my daughter Margaret. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren Mitya and Bella. At this time Agibalova, Jr., went with her husband Paul Marceau, on a journey.

      This spring, the former participant “Houses-2” has finished the repairs in the bathroom. Agibalova do not forget to share repair. The first of them visible glossy stretch ceiling. In addition, the room provided a niche within which flaunts a decorative panel with a picture of a flower. By the way, Irina selected tile is amazing: she’s a glamorous Shine like pearls, the combination of creamy and chocolate colors give it a special elegance.

      Now fans look forward to from celebrity the repairs in the kitchen. They believe that Irina with its taste arrange the room.

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