Irene Nelson: how to pump up muscles while you brush your teeth

Ирина Нельсон: как подкачать мышцы, пока чистишь зубы
The singer shared a simple and effective exercise.

Ирина Нельсон: как подкачать мышцы, пока чистишь зубы

Irene Nelson

Photo: courtesy of the press service of I. Nelson

Singer Irina Nelson for many years, is in perfect shape. The soloist of group “Reflex” not only professionally engaged in yoga, but also uses any opportunity to work on my physical form even while brushing his teeth!

“Today, everyone lack of time, — says Irina. So you have to combine different classes when there is not enough time for a workout. I always introduce physical
exercise in your everyday activities. In the bathroom I have a massive table with a height of 80 cm, which is the “machine ballet”. Before you take a shower, I put her straight leg and squat on the other leg 10 times, thus straining the muscles and legs and butt. Then his legs change. And then specially dropped on floor plastic jar — then to bend over for her (we do!). Just three minutes of training and the muscles are bit swapped.

I also squatted my “ballet bar” when brushing my teeth. And that’s 2 minutes of sports. So used
to do that once at the hotel, involuntarily trying
repeat this exercise and are surprised when there isn’t anything suitable.

When watching TV, always take up dumbbells that lie at the sofa. Usually ten times do “French press”, which helps if you want to get rid of saggy skin on the inner side of the hand, from the so-called “wings”. Just sitting, hands with dumbbells bring back. (it should be straight back, with a slight curve in their lower back). If the person is untrained, arms with dumbbells behind your back it is better to take from a standing position. And then down on the carpet, cover the knees and begin to ride op floor.

Irene Nelson

Photo: courtesy of the press service of I. Nelson

As for the food, we first must remember that everything that is not water is food. Even the tea. I recommend to drink
tea (preferably herbal or green) half an hour before meals. Then you will eat less. And always start dinner with a big serving of vegetable salad (preferably cabbage with lemon and parsley). And only after you have partially filled
stomach, you can proceed to the main dishes. Since the number
you consume junk food will be reduced.

And another tip for those who have the power
will. In the month there are two lunar day is the 11th and 26th. These are the best days for weight loss or fasting because in these days of very fast metabolism. To move the fasting is easy, you need to prepare: three days before use
a lot of cleansing teas and light food, salads, stews. Exit
this fasting is also vegetable dishes.

Who will power developed is maximum, can
stick to positions — all the Orthodox positions is not a random set
recommendations, they clearly verified, in accordance with the natural cycles. So, advent anticipates the entry into the New year with a purified
the body and pure soul. But it is important that the weight loss was not a goal in itself. Most importantly — balance and harmony in the body, to make you feel
healthy and energetic person, and not just skinny.”