Irena Ponaroshku was told about a vegan diet son

Ирена Понарошку рассказала про веганскую диету сына
The presenter answered questions for a long time tormenting her fans.

Irena Ponaroshku son Seraphim

Many fans of Irena Ponaroshku know that her son Serafim
as she and her husband, adheres to vegetarianism: the child from the moment of birth not
tasted no animal food. Fans repeatedly asked the presenter how she
able to feed her son balanced, when you consider that the Seraphim grows, so
needs protein-rich foods. Fun finally painted detailed
the diet of the son, and also said that not trying to restrict the child’s food

“After numerous requests to publish a sample diet
Seraphim! — wrote on the social network page of Irena. — Like, we
my husband does not eat meat, fish, chicken, seafood, and Seraphim too. At the time
conception, pregnancy and 1.5 years of breastfeeding I ate also
the framework of the lacto-vegetarian system. Seraphim doesn’t eat it all on its own
beliefs. Even when we’re not around, even at children’s parties, even when
his grandmother is trying to persuade, even when all the other kids eat. Just do not consider animals
the products are edible and all. If one day you decide to start eating, we’re not going to do
from this, he should be able to make a choice, no violence
and imposition, but by example. So there you go!

Breakfast: Cereal (about 9 different kinds, alternate), yogurts, muesli,
fruits, seeds, nuts, oil. Lunch: Soup (vegetables, beans, seeds, spices,
oil), soup with beans, soup, etc etc afternoon Snack: cottage cheese, berries, fruit, cakes, jam.
Dinner: buckwheat, salad, vegan, pasta, pizza, broccoli and cheese.

Of course, everything is flexible, somewhere between the lines of this list and
the thing skips desserts and thepresence. But the basis of the diet here’s. Not
pretend that she’s perfect and correct! And we all need to eat,
okay? Ask — tell! And, mind you, without violence and cruelty in the comments:
pork knuckle and badrijani not to swing!”