Irena Ponaroshku finally decided to cut the son

Ирена Понарошку, наконец-то, решила подстричь сына
The presenter first will send the Seraphim to the hairdresser.

Irena Ponaroshku son


Irena Ponaroshku repeatedly criticized by his
fans for the appearance of her son, Seraphim. The fact that 6-year-old boy
wears long hair (below the shoulders) and blonde locks not climb into the eyes,
Pretend tying his son on top of the tail. If you do not know that the family of Irene a son, judging by the photos, it’s easy to confuse with a charming girl.

But Irene finally decided on global changes in
the appearance of the son. She made it to the Barber who will shave long curls
Seraphim. For the presenter this is a difficult step. “Book an appointment on the 29th
Jun in barbershop! Don’t know how I survive it… — says Irena. Just some cutting of the umbilical cord. I
need a lot of green stuff to cauterize the wound!”. Irene immediately asked his fans not to write, that boy with the long hair was better. “Please
all the supporters as a sign of sympathy not to write then that long he was
better! And that short hair Seraphim
is not the same. Have mercy!”

We will remind, not so long ago one photo of Irena published
the Seraphim and prudently signed: “Seraphim. My son”. Subscribers
Fun had a long argument about whether to cut boys, and normally I make them
girly hairstyles. Agreed, even to the point that such a feminine bow can
cause incorrect associations and lead to the fact that the child will change
gender perception. Once Irena has made in his microblog with
justificatory speech to the address of long-haired men. She made a collage,
which around a photo of her son is cards with faces of stars such as Mel Gibson, brad pitt, johnny Depp, Jim Morrison and even Vladimir Presnyakov — all
long hair. “And all exclusively heterosexual!” Stressed the fashionable
mommy. And finally admitted: “I’ve always been more hairy
surfers than neatly trimmed deputies”.