Ирена Понарошку объяснила, почему рассталась с мужем
The presenter said that does not miss his wife.

Irena Ponaroshku with her husband Alexander

Irena Ponaroshku, which is more than ten years of happy
married to DJ Alexander Glukhov, explained why she does not
misses her beloved husband, spending with his son in Asia.

“One guy recently asked me, do I not
miss my husband, who was sent to a harsh February for buckwheat and money…
Like, his wife would not survive the separation. And I’m ashamed to say, don’t miss it! First,
once I have the Seraphim Sanych, sport, yoga, sea, sunsets, books, lectures, Instagram, shooting and 108 letters
the work of a day. Secondly, I never get bored with them, cockroaches,
butterflies and parasites! Just as you will never get bored with it!

I’m in “peace”-that
see spouse ?four days a week, the rest of the time he’s on tour all
10. And this is the only possible format for me, because I need a lot
personal space and time to breath. In my coordinate system
to be able to give something back, to share, to exchange, to fill each
friend, you need to periodically release the hug and look! So, no, I
don’t miss it. But days before the meeting I think…”

The most-favorite part of motherhood for me is tactile. I’m a real #Animonster ?? I generally thought that the child is such a gentle, soft creature lying with his head on your lap and you pet it and kinik look ??In short, as a cat, without the allergies to him and tears up the furniture ? It all went a bit wrong, as I expected, but more than anything I love to hug, to pet, scratch and cuddle her cub. It fills me with warmth, light and happy. So I really suffered the first two or three years, when Seraphim is not particularly respected tenderness and if thoroughly not to fix his limbs, you could easily get the robot in the head ? Now a hug go well in the morning, immediately after waking up, and in the evening before bed. At this time, with it you can do anything, he’s not breaking and not kicking ? Well, a couple Express prijimani and smacking you can grab during the day. But I was horrified to realize that I have the most impractical of the five “love languages” by Gary Chapman! Just a few years – and #Serafimidis inevitably will hiss and Dodge my kisses in the back of the head! And even a little later on I will have to hiss his girlfriend, if you see something ? How could I love him?! Dear #Unskimmed, #namachchivaya, ahhh!!! I’m scared! ??? P. S. All immediately started writing, you need to give birth to a daughter. Yes it is clear! But the Seraphim-what to do?! ? How to love an adult son, if I only know how to love handles?! From what I give him gifts or talk talk, in theatre drive, I don’t get a buzz like from a tactile contact! ? #objectiveobjective

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