Ирена Понарошку пожаловалась на болезнь
The presenter has to go to work and risk infecting colleagues.

Irena Ponaroshku

Photo: Instagram

Irena Ponaroshku shared his doubt
whether it arrives, arriving on the set, it is not extortion

“In our country there’s this stupid tradition to go on
work patients, — says Irena. We sneeze, cough, snot catch on
keyboard, bring down the temperature paracetamol, but it works! I also this
moronic trend support, nothing can be done about it! Because
I was always ashamed to let people down. And on television at all: you might not
for shooting, unless you have an open craniocerebral trauma (of which you
warned for three weeks. And only if it is impossible to make up.

Today, for example, I had a photo shoot: photographer hardly called in sick
main job make-up artist kept by shooting date, girl with clothes specially
one day arrived from Kazan, the Studio paid for, and I terribly at the weekend
carried. Here’s what to do? To cancel the shooting and to throw all the time and money? Or
go and infect the entire team? I always choose the second option…”

Irena Ponaroshku is not the only artist that
crippled unstable April weather. On the eve of Polina Gagarina told about
the fact that her family suffered from the virus. Sick children artist — little
MIA and 10-year-old Andrew, and mother of the singer. Only recently on the mend I went to the nurse
children. Healthy in the house of the singer left two people: Polina herself and her
husband Dmitry Iskhakov. But they are holding on by a thread. Experiences for the family
harass Gagarin.

“Sad and nervous. Got sick the whole family, mom, Miucha,
Andrew… the nanny just recovered my husband and I are barely holding on.. What is this spring
such? For the first time… don’t remember that!” — posted by Pauline in his microblog.