Irena Ponaroshku apologizes to child

Ирена Понарошку просит прощения у ребенка The presenter is not shy to admit that it is sometimes wrong. Irena Ponaroshku shared observations with other young moms. A celebrity said that it becomes easier after she apologizes to son.

In the family of well-known TV presenter Irena Ponaroshku and Alexander Glukhov her husband a son, Seraphim. Like many young mothers, star of MTV trying to practice different methods of education of the heir. Not so long ago, she came to the conclusion that asking the child’s forgiveness is not difficult – on the contrary, such actions have facilitated her life and helped establish rapport with the boy. She told fans, that she has to apologize to the child.

“For example, that did not control the volume of the sound and yelled. Or inflated story for a social drama of a minor offense – such happens to me, too. It turns out that if you ask me, the mode of “I’m a bad mom” immediately turned off, pulling the chest a feeling of guilt takes place, the tense situation in the house is discharged, tenderness and warmth returns, – says Irena. And even if you yelled in the case, it is important to broadcast that I’m sorry for raising your voice, bulging eyes, and not for the essence of the claim. From the series: “I’m Sorry, I had to explain it to you safely! Realized I admit, I will be corrected, let’s cuddle!”

Fans supported the Irena – many subscribers presenter also apologize to your children. However, some followers have adopted the Council’s make-believe. “Always ask for forgiveness from the son, if unable to restrain his emotions. But it is better to hold back and just explain. All warm relationship,” “I have a daughter before bedtime apologized for raising my voice today, and she asked: “are You sorry for today only or and for past times?”, “How he responds to the apology? Don’t try to manipulate? And generally it is interesting, of course, for such a misdemeanor, you can bulge the eyes on such a treasure,” commented the post fans of TV stars.

Irena is a very candid with followers, and therefore does not hesitate to turn to them for help. Not long ago she told me that the boy has a little trouble with the pronunciation of some sounds, and therefore asked for advice from moms who faced similar situation. “Seraphim Sanych very short sublingual frenulum, we propose to cut. And I don’t like to cut no hair, no bridle! I want to try to stretch! We really need, because I’m not sure if there are Lisp beatboxers, and Seraphim these are the plans for the future!” – said TV presenter.