Irena Ponaroshku apologized to the child

Ирена Понарошку извинилась перед ребенком
Popular TV presenter Irena Ponaroshku and her husband Alexander Glukhov, a son of Seraphim.

Ирена Понарошку извинилась перед ребенком

Many parents try to give their children everything and trying to find the right method of education.

Recently Irena came to the conclusion that the child needs to periodically to ask for forgiveness.

Ирена Понарошку извинилась перед ребенком

According to her, this helps to establish a relationship with the child and generally makes life easier.

“For example, that did not control the volume of the sound and yelled. Or inflated story for a social drama of a minor offense – such happens to me, too. It turns out that if you ask me, the mode of “I’m a bad mom” immediately turned off, pulling the chest a feeling of guilt takes place, the tense situation in the house is discharged, tenderness and warmth are back, says Fun. And even if you yelled in the case, it is important to broadcast that I’m sorry for raising your voice, bulging eyes, and not for the essence of the claim. From the series: “I’m Sorry, I had to explain it to you safely! Realized I admit, I will be corrected, let’s cuddle!”

Most members supported the star, saying that do so too.

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