Irena Ponaroshku admitted that much messed up hair

Ирена Понарошку призналась, что сильно испортила волосы
The presenter connects it with the abuse of certain cosmetics.

Irena Ponaroshku

Irena Ponaroshku shared with fans unpleasant
news. The presenter told that I am ruining my hair, using
cosmetics that are not right for her.

“I empirically found that dry shampoos, powders and
sprays for volume hellishly dry hair, make them brittle and if they
abused, the hair begins to fall off just! Not fall out from the root, and
it to break off in the middle of the length in such quantities that if I was a cat woman,
now be regurgitated clumps of wool the size of a tennis ball!” — complains Irena
on the page in a social network.

However, even in this difficult situation the TV does not
left brand sense of humor. “The main thing now is to not revealed that those who
abuse posypkami falls off the chest,” laughs the star.

Fans in different ways soothed for Fun,
to give advice on the restoration of hair, and also to argue with her. “I do it all the time
such means are, and all is well”, “to live without them can not” — said
many readers microblog Irene.

By the way, it may happen that in the next post
the presenter will discuss how to restore dry hair. Because it very often
shares with subscribers his microblog secrets slim figure, sports
tips and advice on parenting.