Айрленд Болдуин призналась отцу в любви

For many years the media wrote about the hostility between Ireland Baldwin and her father. It all started ten years ago when the daughter of divorced parents are unable to answer “on duty” the call of the Pope. Then an enraged Alec left her on the answering machine message in which he called “a brainless little pig.” Resentment of these words for many years persecuted Ireland, and only last night she admitted she forgot about it. The girl appeared on the show Spike’s One Night Only, which was held yesterday in the building of the famous Apollo theater in the neighborhood of Harlem in new York. Played Alec, bill Clinton, Julianne Moore and other celebrities.

Suddenly appeared on the scene 21-year-old Ms. Baldwin, who in his speech referred to the unpleasant incident that occurred ten years ago.
“Hello everyone! My name is Ireland and I Baldwin. Now I see other members of our family – cousins, uncles.. I came here to cook one big old ham called his dad. But let us return to our pigs. Many of you may remember me as “brainless little pig,” which I read in the papers, but that was ten years ago. Now my dad and a great relationship. He won’t tell me such hurtful words. Even because I’m two meters tall and can kick his ass..” said Ireland, and looking into the eyes of my father, said – “I know you’ve heard it all, n I want you to know that I am proud that I am your daughter, and happy to tell you so openly tonight. Infinitely love you”.