Irakli Pirchalava injured word Lolita

Ираклия Пирцхалаву травмировали слова Лолиты The contractor is offended by his friend, who called psychological trainings sect. According to Irakli, this is just training, and not a religious organization. Pirtskhalava was unpleasant and painful to read statements Milavskaya.

      In a recent interview, the singer Lolita Milyavskaya told about how her husband was on psychological training with a dubious reputation. The organization that was responsible for their conduct, an artist called a sect. And told reporters that these courses also visits the singer Irakli, which is there a cult figure. According to the celebrity, the classmates of the artist are really proud of them and even urge you to buy his songs in iTunes.

      Lolita tries to save the wife from the influence of the sect

      Journalists contacted Irakli Pirtskhalava and asked to Express their opinion on the situation. 39-year-old singer denies any sect. Moreover, he offended her due to her statements. The artist was sorry to hear that, because the only religion he adheres to is Christianity.

      “It’s only training centers… There is nothing about religion. I was a very hurtful word Lolita, because I am an Orthodox Christian and was 18 years old hold positions. I was very touched, especially because we Lo familiar, and I was hurt that she through the press that did everything, called would Yes asked. She said I was in a cult, and it was very painful because I live on the Georgian Christian tradition and for me it’s a shame,” – said Irakli Pirtskhalava media representatives.

      The actor also explained why he decided to attend classes. In the words of Heraclius, he had previously abused alcohol and partied a little too much. The courses have helped the star to see my weak side and accept it. Pirchalava also identified a number of goals and achieve them. One of them is the release of the new album, its first in eight years. In addition, the musician announced that he acted with a charity concert in October. All this, Heraclius managed to achieve a few months since the course.

      To any other person, told Pirtskhalava, he would have already sued for libel. However to deal with his friend Lolita he is not ready. He also shared how it was recovering from the inflicted trauma. According to Irakli, he called to the monastery. They remembered Nicholas, who was excommunicated from the Church, but he managed to get through it. “I know I’m in a cult are not, and it’s a statement. These courses are not a sect”, said the singer