Irakli Kvirikadze: the waiter — on the big screens

Ираклий Квирикадзе: с официанта — на большие экраны

Newly minted actor Irakli Kvirikadze answered questions in an interview for the magazine Hello!, where he spoke about his acting debut in the film Rezo Gigineishvili’s “Hostages” and the future.

Ираклий Квирикадзе: с официанта — на большие экраны

The man admits that before the Director decided to shoot the film “the Hostage”, Heraclius lived in new York and worked as a mere waiter. “I grew up in Georgia, all his life dreamed of becoming an actor and even entered the theater, but after a year went to America. In the States, as all students did for a living that was carrying food in the diner and simultaneously studied at the actors Studio. Once arriving in Tbilisi to see my parents, I was with friends in the restaurant. There came Rezo Gigineishvili and screenwriter, Lasha Bugadze. Lasha knew me, invited to their table. We got to talking, and Rezo asked me to come to the casting of the film.” says the newly minted actor who played the role of “Nicky” in the new film.

Rezo Gigineishvili got to the point, who chose this guy for the role of one of the characters in his film. In fact, the actor has much in common with his hero. In childhood, when there was a story on which the film was made, the boy was very worried. “And my parents are friends with relatives of the Gega Kobakhidze — the guy I was supposed to play. So, before you come to the audition with all I consulted. And all with one voice said I really like your character and have to try to play it. So I stayed in Tbilisi for a year to star in the film.” says the artist.

Ираклий Квирикадзе: с официанта — на большие экраны

Heraclius prepares for its role very seriously and met Tinatin Petviashvili — the only surviving raider, the wife of the character he played. She remembered not everyone was in the heat of passion. The actor wanted to know the girl, what emotions felt by his character at the time and what he had character. Also, his hero, at the time of the incident was a famous Georgian actor. “he played in the film by Tengiz Abuladze “Repentance” and arrived at the airport almost from the set. After the invaders were executed, the Director reshot the picture. Scenes involving the Gega cut. His role in “Repentance” was performed by another actor Merab Ninidze. Ironically Merab starred in “Hostages” — he plays my father the hero.” says the man.

He Irakli Kvirikadze considers their act “a great folly”, because they were still children. Guys, according to the actor, was still just the children of influential people and came up with a dream of freedom that just wasn’t meant to come true. What he wanted to know is in what prison they were shot and where buried, as the dead bodies are not given to parents, and the case remained classified.

“Everything I did in the picture, is the merit of the resolution. He knows how to communicate with the actor, so he played his part, revealed. Thanks to him, I was so concentrated on the role that it seems that for years he lived his own life. Was Hegai, not Heraclius.” said Irakli about working with the Director.

The story on which the film was made, occurred in 1983 when six young men and one girl decided to escape from the USSR to the West. With weapons, they decided to hijack a plane and use it to fly out of the country, but because of the excitement and other circumstances, things did not go according to plan. The famous Director Alejandro gonzález iñárritu called the film “stunning, strong, with an amazing cast”.