Иракли и LIKA STAR презентовали свой клип на песню «LUNA» в Космосе
The track “LUNA” is a new interpretation of the hit “Lonely Moon”, which LIKA STAR written and first performed in 1996.

Иракли и LIKA STAR презентовали свой клип на песню «LUNA» в Космосе

Given the new sounding songs, Irakli Pirtskhalava and LIKA STAR tried to immerse guests in the atmosphere corresponding to the video and made a presentation in the pavilion “Space” at ENEA.

The guests waited for the reception with the food of astronauts, a film about the shooting of the clip the presentation of the work in 5D cinema and live performance artists.

Иракли и LIKA STAR презентовали свой клип на песню «LUNA» в Космосе

According to the artists, they did all that clip was mesmerizing he was in deep space and not leave the viewer indifferent. Action of a clip occurs on Earth and in space. Footage unearthly beauty was filmed on lake El’ton, the largest mineral lake in Europe. The scene where the main character sees the main character in flight and watches the flight was filmed at the cosmonaut training Center named after Yury Gagarin and mission control Center. The long-awaited permission to shoot the video for these closed space objects in real space ship “SOYUZ MS-12” was the first time in history. LIKA STAR as an external student passed the course of treatment with a suit and even physical.

Among the guests were seen: Mitya Fomin, Julia Beretta, Masha Malinovskaya, players: Alexander Samedov, Georgy Jikia, Andrey Yeshchenko, Athlete Yulia Ushakova, cosmonaut Yuri Shargin, Igor Saruhanov, AnDy Darling, a friend of Irakli Vitaly Gogunsky was one of the main actors on this show.

Иракли и LIKA STAR презентовали свой клип на песню «LUNA» в Космосе

According to the guests the video turned out spectacular and really cosmic, and wrote the music for the song “Lonely Moon” composer Dmitry Postovalov, also present at the party praised the melodious duet, bright sound of the song “LUNA”, the story and the quality of the clip.

Irakli has admitted that he was very excited when offered a joint recording of the track Face.

— I loved the song “Lonely Moon” and I always liked the Face itself. I was not familiar with it, but I was delighted with such a mixture of shocking, incredible sexuality and femininity. When I turned to her with an offer to do a Remix — it was very exciting. I was hoping, but for some reason, it seems to me intuitive, I gave her some sympathy. She said she will give consent, if the new musical reading will be worthy of the original.I immediately felt a huge responsibility and they inspired me. There have been several versions and only the latest Face said, “Yes. This will be a hit.”. I am very glad that all so happens, because the results speak for themselves. The track went to the people — love him. Repost it, put in the storys, my friends love it too. I hope that after the release of the video all will continue. I admire Lika. I learned a lot from her during our cooperation.

At the end of the presentation LIKA STAR intrigued, saying that now she is not “Lonely Moon”, and“LUNA”.

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