Ирада Зейналова готовится к свадьбе с коллегой In mass media appeared information about the upcoming happy event in the life of the stars of the ether. Irada Zeynalova will marry a war correspondent Alexander Evstigneev, who visited many hot spots of the world.

      Ирада Зейналова готовится к свадьбе с коллегой

      It seems, Irada Zeynalova opens a new page in his life. Recently became aware of the fact that the lead leaves the weekly program “Sunday time”. It is not excluded that the star of journalism will remain in the air, one of the leading political talk shows in the new season. However, this is not the only change in the life of Irada.

      The media hotly discussing the upcoming wedding teledive. In a press there were data that Zeynalov is preparing for the happy event. The chosen one leading was her colleague, war correspondent of the First channel Alexander Evstigneev.

      In an interview with “StarHit” the journalist has not denied this information, but decided to “leave the information with no comments”, citing strong employment. Sister Irada Svetlana also kept the couple in secret, saying that she was about the upcoming wedding he knows nothing.

      Meanwhile, surrounded by Irada and Alexander say that beloved maintain a romantic relationship for more than two years.

      Everyone behind there is the experience of family life. Alexander was married to his colleague from his marriage with whom he has a teenage son. She divorced her husband Alexei Samoletova after ten years of marriage. On the causes of the disorder is unknown – Zeynalov has not commented on the situation. By the way, before the wedding the ex-wife were together for ten years. They are raising a son together.

      I wonder what Alex planes in the past as a new partner telediva, was a war correspondent. He was among those who in 1995 during capture of Beslan, Chechen terrorists have changed themselves for the hostages – women and children. After this feat Zeynalov decided to marry him.

      However, Alexander Evstigneeva with Irada too much in common. Both journalists during his career, visited many hot spots and in areas of natural disasters. Meanwhile, in recognition Zeynalova, in life it is much softer than on the screen. “At work can make the titanium bend, the clock go backwards, but in everyday life I – an incredible rag – admitted in an interview leading. – I can twist the rope”.

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