“Ira, don’t lose anymore!” Pegova struck fans slim figure

«Ира, не худей больше!» Пегова поразила фанатов стройной фигурой
The actress has changed beyond recognition.

Photo: Instagram

Irina Pegova has published its new photo in your blog. The actress is so thin that not all recognized her immediately. “Ira, don’t need to lose weight!”, “Have you lost your individuality!”, “Irina is not lost, and postrhinal are two different things!” — entered into a dispute fans of the stars. But all agree: Pegova — impossible beauty!

The actress has never worried about his figure. Neither in childhood, when she was so thin that she teased, “herring”, or in older age when she had the extra weight. To lose weight actress started only due to the fact that she needed to keep themselves within a certain shape. When you play in the theatre or cinema, is not permissible “to blossom”.

Over the years, restrictions Pegova have found the only appropriate standard of conduct.

“Having tried everything, in the end, I came up with a convenient, comfortable for me personally — and I emphasize for me the principles of nutrition, — said the actress in an interview to “7 Days”. — First, the amount eaten should equal the size of your fist. To emphasize the small size of the portions, I always lay out the food on very large plates. This beautiful and psychologically adjusts to not overeating. Second rule: you should eat slowly. If not in a hurry, catch the moment was sated. Ideally, lunch should take an hour. And third, very important role is played by the water, masking false hunger. Hungry? Drink a glass of water and wait 10 minutes — it is possible when the stomach is filled with liquid, was awakened appetite will fall asleep again. By the way, food is also recommended to drink clean water. From coffee and tea, if the goal is to lose weight, it is better to refuse, because those drinks you always want something sweet like candy or cake. In addition, they dehydrate the body. So I try to only drink water up to four liters per day. Before Breakfast I drink about a liter”.