IOWA how decided on a wedding after 10 years of relationship

IOWA о том, как решилась на свадьбу после 10 лет отношений

The singer told how she married the guitarist of the group.

IOWA, and Catherine ivanchikova, the name singer is actually the 12th of October, became the wife of guitarist Leonid Tereshchenko.

For the wedding couple went for ten years and therefore has turned this event into something special exclusively for two. No fancy celebrations, planes, villas, and pretentious agencies. How was the ceremony, Catherine spoke for the first time in the online show “OK!”.

“The wedding took place in Karelia, – says Katya. We decided to make a tale far from home, so no one could escape, because we all work, and if you’re able to come, you will have to stay for 3-4 days. The first day we did the wedding in the old Church Lumivaara. This is such an important event in life. We just stood on the street holding hands and thought it was going to snow because it was very cold, 3 degrees. And suddenly the music came on, we shouted: “Open!” He opened his eyes. We go to Church, and there sounds the music of the movie “the Great beauty”. We go down the road of burning candles. It is so beautiful, as if we were right in the center of a movie. I and Leon were saying the vows to each other. And we cry all cry. Amazing! I’ve been to a few weddings, very expensive, and there’s private plane didn’t arrive, all cold. And we have so everything was smooth. Was just feelings. Feelings that can not buy for any money. People who took money from us, which suited us for this wedding. Comedy Trio also did not charge me a penny. They are very cool. I want to say that they are just great people. They are so cool, they came with their wives. We danced, staged battles, rap”.

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Fans of the singer, of course, interested in the question of how her future husband proposed. Certainly, once the wedding was so special, and the ring Leonid presented so that you will not forget, and the fans were right.

“We’re going in the tram, go out, and there is a huge Billboard on it, and two rings – says Kate. I say, “Look how big the ring is beautiful. I wonder what size I am“. And the Billboard was in the store, I said, “let’s Go, we’ll see what sort of ring.” And he said, “Yeah, sure, let’s go”. We went and measured the size. I said, “Here is the ring cool.” And left. Two hours. He went and bought the ring. Myself too. We stood with mother in the Mall and ask: “Where is he?” And there is a huge bouquet with legs in the shape of a heart. He came in and out of the hand with the ring. He fell on the knee.”