Иосиф Пригожин заявил, что он умер для своей скандальной дочери

Danae Prigogine tries to engage in dialogue with the father through the media, only Joseph himself not happy with this idea. The passion in the relationship between members of this family escalated to such an extent that even the father is ready to sue the daughter for the restoration of their good name. Earlier, Prigogine only occasionally commented on the conflict between him and his daughter Danae. Last weekend Joseph again decided to clarify what was happening between him and members of his former family, including herself, Danae, and her mother Elena, and brother.
“First, it is unacceptable via the media to engage in dialogue with the father and unethical to publish personal correspondence. She picks up not — afraid. Don’t do something then you will have to answer. That’s what I told my daughter, I have rights of parents to make comments. I know, whose hands this business — my ex-wife. I never accused her of prostitution, I’m just stating a fact. The woman is 50 years old, she married a young man, I understand, it is now fashionable. But why is she with this man sold the legacy that I left with my children? Why they allowed them to sell the apartment in the center of Moscow? And much cheaper than it is, “says Prigogine. Journalists asked what was the cause of bad relationships after a split family. According to Prigogine, the reason for this is the fact that he refused to make his daughter a star. Daughter, which, again, according to the producer, not talent: “I’m an unbiased person and I will not shove people, even if they are my own children, if you do not see in them any abilities. To wash dirty linen in public, it’s wrong. I’m shocked at this behavior. I am sure that Given this situation, the victim. It is used by her mother: they had run out of money, and she is trying to suck out of me, blackmailing. But she has a husband, he let her and contain. Example of what things could be better for Prigogine is his eldest daughter Lisa. The girl maintains a good relationship with his father and happy to have what he gave her: “I Have another daughter — Lisa. Why she does not complain about life? She is studying abroad, she has a goal in life. Her mother, by the way, a friend of Valerie. Well, I guess it describes me as a person. I found out that my ex-wife lived with the guard, got married, sold the land in the Domodedovo district, sold the apartment, and then found out that Dana went to the “House-2”. I don’t like it, and I simply can not agree with it. I am totally against it. And they publicly try to insult me, this is not the norm. I texted Dana and Lena that dad died for you. What do you want from me? She writes that I left her alone. And I do not touch them!“, — categorically said the producer. I will assume that the response from the opposite side, not long to wait .

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