Investigators need to exhume the body of Michael Jackson

Следователи требуют эксгумацию тела Майкла Джексона

The statement of the daughter of the king of pop Michael Jackson Paris about his murder led to the fact that the investigators involved in the investigation into the death of a celebrity want to exhume his body to re-start the investigation, taking into account new circumstances.

Recall that at the beginning of last month, the Paris statement said that neither she nor anyone of her family did not have the slightest doubt about the fact that her father was killed.
“It’s obvious, all the signs are there! All the fans and everyone in our family knows it was a trick,” said Paris in an interview. Now the body of the singer is buried in the family vault California cemetery Forest Lawn Cemetery. The investigators plan to dig up the grave and re-start the investigation. Moreover, following statements by the Paris physician of Michael Jackson Conrad Murray, who is accused of killing a celebrity, said he is also ready to testify and to make every effort to prove the truth (the only problem is that neither the daughter of Michael and the members of his family do not want to communicate with him and consider him to be the executor of murder).
Legal Advisor John Pocket, who once worked in the police of the state of California, reported on what he had seen, investigating the death of Jackson. He told about the strange scars on his forehead, the tablets, found in a trash can and a strange man entered the house of the singer before his death on June 25, 2009.
“Maybe life really is what we know about Michael’s death, is not true, but the real killer with impunity walks on water? If this issue is not yet closed, it is necessary to do an autopsy and get answers” — said John.
I must say that if it comes to showdown, then it will be the fourth procedure. The first was made immediately after Jackson’s death, and the coroner found that the cause of death was an overdose of the anesthetic propofol. Two other autopsies, done at the urging of the family of the deceased, confirmed the original version. Personal physician Conrad Murray was accused involuntary manslaughter and medical negligence, resulting in death of the patient.
Pocket says that in addition to propofol in the body, Michael found traces of valium and medications Ativan and Versed. Scars on the head of Jackson, according to a former police officer, suggests that it neutralized. Remains the fact that the identity of the unknown man, leaving a few hours before the death of the singer from his home, was never installed.
Video from surveillance cameras shows a man hiding his face with a hood and a cap, out of the mansion of Michael and throws something in the trash container located outside of the mansion. Later investigators managed to find two empty jars of pills Oxytocin and other tins preparations and recipes.
“Michael’s in the body no traces of oxytocin. The impression that someone simply wanted to get rid of the evidence..
I believe that modern technology will allow you to know exactly what drugs Jackson was taking and to find out what was the cause of his premature death.
Michael’s body was embalmed, so that it must be in good condition. Including should be preserved and the scars on his head. It’s time to look at hee fresh eyes”— said Pocket.