Следственный комитет расследует загадочную смерть трехлетней девочки в детском саду Against the teachers was a criminal case under article “Negligence”. The tragedy occurred on February 16 in New Moscow. The child’s body 2014 year of birth was found lying in the snow.
Следственный комитет расследует загадочную смерть трехлетней девочки в детском саду

16 February 2018, in one of the kindergartens of New Moscow was a tragedy. After the walk, the teacher and the nurse noticed that in the nursery of 25 children do not have a single person. They returned to the street and found a three-year girl, who is unconscious. Of course, the workers immediately called an ambulance, but arriving doctors are unable to help the girl.

Upon tragedy criminal case under article 293 “the Negligence”. About it journalists were reported by the investigative Committee.

“On the death of a 3-year-old child in kindergarten in New Moscow investigating bodies GSU SK of Russia across Moscow brought criminal case under article 293” – said the official representative SK the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko.

It is unknown why there was a death of a child. Representatives of the investigative Committee had yet to figure it out. Now, however, experts believe that the death of a three year old little girl associated with improper performance of a teachers duties.

Formerly curator of educational institutions of Troitsk and Novomoskovsk districts Pavel Karpov denied information according to which children left the baby on the street while walking. The man said that while in the fresh air all of the children were under the supervision of teachers.

“The girl became ill. Was immediately called the ambulance, and also provided the primary CPR. Unfortunately, the girl failed to save”, – said the curator.

In the coming days will be to conduct the investigation and gather evidence. The father of the deceased child had already told him that his daughter reluctantly went to kindergarten. The child allegedly claimed that it hurt the educational institution, so she didn’t want to go there.

According to “RIA Novosti” representatives of the RF IC study all the facts of the case and communicate with teachers and other parents. The final verdict on the reasons for the child’s death and the guilt of the staff of the kindergarten will be made upon completion of all investigative actions.