Интимная съемка Юлии Беретты попала в Сеть
Hackers broke into the phone of the singer.

Singer Yulia Beretta (ex-member of the group “Arrows)
was in the midst of a scandal. Yesterday afternoon, the friends of the singer,
producers and secular journalists got a hot video from anonymous with
participation of Yulia. Video filmed in the bedroom, perhaps in a hotel room, and
it shows the artist takes different sexy poses and kisses
young man lying on the bed. We are not yet able
to establish the identity of the alleged lover. Many believe that the young man
working in the field of show business and wants to attain popularity at any price.

one should not lose sight of another explanation. Perhaps the hackers
ID picked up the phone, Yulia Beretta and got access to personal files.
It is known that victims of hackers have become a popular people often
likely to suffer the stars of show business. For today
erotic home video is distributed with incredible speed.
Dirt is a threat not only reputation, but also family life of the singer.

We will remind that in the autumn of 2011, Yulia Beretta is married with businessman
Vladimir Glebov, and in November 2015 the couple had a son, too
Vladimir. To date, the singer has used to keep his
personal life. Scandal with a young lover threatened to take an unpleasant
turnover. Yulia is to take the time to explain what caused such