Интервью Мелании Трамп: измены, херассмент и многое другое

Melania trump does not like to give interviews and to talk about those topics that most interest the public. So the media still can’t tell about the reason that forced the first lady to wear a jacket with the inscription “I really don’t care, do you?”. The public is interested in the views Melania about her husband’s infidelity. It seems that patience, the wife of Donald trump came to an end and she agreed to give an interview to ABC News. In it she spoke not only about preferences in clothes, but also about interesting topics.

Friday’s premiere of the interview in which lady trump was honest and answered all questions. Rose theme style Melania, because as it is, going to a meeting with migrant children, the wife trump wore a jacket with an ambiguous inscription. By the way, the promise it really was. “It was like a kind of message. But not addressed to children, and the media that criticize me. I wanted to show that I care about their opinion. Would be better if they focused on what I’m doing and not on what I wear,” says the first lady and he adds: “I often ask myself: “If I’m not wearing this jacket, my visit to these families as well and have to be covered in the press?” It is obvious that I would not have gone to her children, the jacket I was looking only for flights”.

To the question about her husband’s infidelity Melania replied, not so openly. “It’s not something that occupies my attention. I am a mother and first lady, and I have a lot of things and things that are more important than those empty conversations. I know people love to dream, and the press to reflect how successful our marriage. We have Donald all right,” says trump.

One of the most popular news was the misfortune of the first lady in the White House. “They say that I’m unhappy in the White house, I do not live there — a lot of things. I always like under the microscope. Whenever I go out, everyone already knows about it. But I assure you, I do not feel like a prisoner. On the contrary — have fun”.

Earlier in the network appeared an excerpt from the interview. In it the interviewer asked the opinion of the first lady of scandal with Brett Cavanaugh. “Support women need to hear: not only women but also men. I’m really on the side of women, but you need to provide evidence. We can’t just cry rape, because sometimes the media go too far in telling stories about it. Need hard evidence if you accuse someone,” says Melanie in an interview.

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