Internet users signed a petition about cancellation of results of “Eurovision”

Интернет-пользователи подписывают петицию об отмене результатов «Евровидения» The results of the competition has disappointed many fans. After the Danish jury stated that he had mixed up the points each evaluation, more and more people in the Network propose to revise the results of competition of talents.

      Интернет-пользователи подписывают петицию об отмене результатов «Евровидения»

      On Saturday in Stockholm hosted the finals of the song contest “Eurovision”. According to voting results, the audience and the jury in the first place was the Ukrainian singer Jamala, second place went to the contestant from Australia Demi Them, and the third was Russian Sergey Lazarev with the number for the song “You are the only one”.

      Stars support Sergey Lazarev after Eurovision

      However, a day after the end of the contest it became known that the Danish jury mistakenly put Ukraine the maximum score. The highest grade 12 had to go to the contestant from Australia, reported the Chairman of the professional jury of Denmark Hilda hake. The initiator of the petition, the Network has become a fan of the contest Artur Hovhannisyan from Yerevan. Internet users leave their voice against the decision of the jury of “Eurovision”. The document has already gathered almost 100 thousand signatures. Among those who supported the petition, the Russian producer Joseph Prigogine and singer Nikolay Baskov. It is not excluded that the international stars will also join the ballot.

      In explanation of the petition is written, why it was decided to publish it.

      “We understand that the vote in the jury and the voting audience is a complex and emotional process, but the number of people that signed the petition, shows that many are confident that “winner” this year chosen not the performer who deserved it” – said on the page of the document.
      Интернет-пользователи подписывают петицию об отмене результатов «Евровидения»

      Petitions in the Network have no legal force. People hope to influence thus on the decision of the organizers of the competition. Leave the signature of Internet users explain why they did it.

      “Recently actually think that Eurovision is not a song contest, but a real clash of the Titans, based solely on politics,” “I sign this petition, because I believe that the jury was totally unfair. Many countries do not give a single vote Russia. And the audience is more than all other parties voted for Lazarev”, – such comments leave the users by signing a virtual petition.

      Recall that in 2016 at the Eurovision song contest changed the voting system. Now a professional jury and the viewers of each country separately evaluate each competitor. First announce the results of the judges of the contest, and then the number of votes from the public.

      By the way, Sergey Lazarev did not upset that got the third place. “As they say, winners are not judged. I congratulate Jamal. Was wonderful and Australian. But I’m happy that the viewers voted for me, for my song, for our room. So I am not upset,” said the singer after the competition.

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