Интернет-пользователи раскритиковали внешность мужа Ольги Бузовой

Star telestroke “Dom-2” Olga Buzova often, the Network becomes an object of ridicule on the part of users. Many think it strange that all of your photos, which she posts in social networks Olga retouch, and makes it so that changes are visible to the naked eye. Buzova, as Anastasia Volochkova, prefers not to pay attention to negative feedback, because continues to lead an active life in social networks.

The other day in the microblog Olga is a new picture. Her she is pictured in the company of her beloved husband Dmitry Tarasov. Despite the fact that Buzova tried to show the family idyll and to receive a portion of laudatory reviews, the publication produced the opposite effect.

The fact is that in the photo the player was not similar to itself – is too feminine and even a puppet.

“Not a good photo. Tarasov as not a man on it, as the calf was released, He Ken similar fu like a faggot”, “So funny😂”, “Sissy”, “Thought drunk some😂”, “He has changed somehow”, “a girl so similar it is”, “is NOT a GOOD photo Tarasova. 😨 But Olga also important that it is in the photo turned out well 😆😆😆”, “it’s like this feminine 🙈”, “Something he’s drawn in a trance here!!!”, “For God’s sakes. Could not understand who it is. But didn’t think it was her husband.. Well Sanchez word. Prostitue” was only part of the review, which had accumulated over two thousand to the photo of Olga and her husband.

What do you think was the cause of such external changes Tarasova?

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