Internet trolls criticized the clip Alice VOX for Cord

Интернет-тролли раскритиковали клип Алисы Вокс за Шнура

In the network appeared the review about the new video from VOX, the leader of group “Leningrad”…

The other day it became known that Alice Vaux, famous for the hit about you and your pants, quit the band “Leningrad” for his solo career. For a long time to wait for her new music video was not necessary, yesterday the singer unveiled the video for the song “Hold on”.

All frozen in anticipation. I wonder how the new brainchild of Alisa VOX will react Sergey Shnurov? And waited. In one of the social networks he posted his comment on the draft of his ex-soloist…

“How in time chased the woman” – written by Sergei Shnurov on Twitter, making it clear that the clip Alice VOX he clearly did not like.

His fans supported his opinion by distributing a publication on the network. But then the Internet users were waiting for the catch. It turns out that the comment about a woman is not written by the leader of the “Leningrad”, and… his clone. Or, in simple language, an unknown person who registered on Twitter under the name of the star.

Sergey Shnurov, meanwhile, declined to Express their opinion about the work of VOX.

But fans of “Leningrad” Alice accused VOX of plagiarism. Her first solo composie was just a Remix of the hit “take it “hand” the Ukrainian singer Andrei Kuzmenko, known under the pseudonym Kuzma Skryabin. Read more HERE.

As it turned out, all the songs from the debut album VOX, which, incidentally, will be released this summer, composed by Scriabin.

“I’ve always liked his work. But the idea to record these songs came to my mind after the death of the author (singer and composer died in a car accident in February 2015. — Approx. Woman’s Day) – said Alice in an interview with Woman’s Day. — I spoke with his widow, and we came to the conclusion that the start of my solo career to start with this excellent musical material will be correct. I am very glad that Svetlana said so many kind words addressed to me. It turns out that she and her husband knew about me and even discussed with me. She said that Andrew would even be happy if he was alive, that this turn of events”.

Full interview Alice VOX read the link.

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