Internet stunned: daughter Volochkova takes an example from it

Интернет в шоке: дочь Волочковой берет с нее пример
The daughter of a famous ballerina’s started a video blog.

Anastasia Volochkova with her daughter Ariadna

Photo: @volochkova_art (Instagram Anastasia Volochkova)

11-year-old Ariadne, the daughter of Anastasia Volochkova, started a videoblog in which all
copies the mother. Your diary in the Internet the girl started recently, and subscribers
yet very little: a little more than 100

Aficionados notice striking similarities of social
pages mother and daughter: they both publish photos of hotels in which to rest, the pictures of the original outfits and machines.

However, Ariadne is not enough eloquence as her mother, and in
generally, the younger a great shift.

Anastasia doesn’t mind if her daughter will not
a singer and not a dancer, and the famous blogersha. If only Ariadne were
happy and profitable.

“I don’t mind because
what Arish enough of the considerations, — says the ballerina. — She will not go to
some unwanted sites, more time is focused on the music, creativity,

Anastasia Volochkova can rightly be called one of the
the most controversial celebrities in the show business. The photos, which she
Nude sunbathing on the beach, did not look just lazy. But to make a
a video message to his fans and completely naked – this has not happened.
The only item of clothing she was wearing red uggs, and the naughty place
scandalous star without complexes covered fir twigs. In this form
Volochkova decided to tell about his love for winter and the Russian bath, as well as
to encourage Network users to follow its example. Moreover, in the hands of Volochkova
still holding a large icicle. What does this “scepter”, and remained for all
a mystery.

We do not like.? #Volochkova #Ariadna

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