Внутренняя отделка балкона: материалы, идеи, рекомендации

Few residents of city apartments are now ready to settle for an ordinary resolution of the balcony or loggia with shelves and drawers for plants and storing things.
Modern balcony or loggia — is a convenient place to stay, and sometimes years of study, a playroom for children or a full bar with special furniture and accessories, as well as striking views of the city skyline.

Внутренняя отделка балкона: материалы, идеи, рекомендации

Glamorous loggia — materials for interesting ideas

Choosing a creative solution, it is important not only to mentally draw a “picture”, but also to choose the best materials today’s market materials to designer finishes are abundant in innovative means for the restoration of the loggia of the model and the artistic finishing.

The main factor when choosing a solution is open or closed will be your balcony, in other words — are you planning to glaze it.

An impromptu summer outdoor terrace looks great, however, many owners of apartments want to enjoy staying on the balcony and in the winter. In this case, you need to decide — will your loggia is insulated or you will be limited to high-quality glazing (without installing the “warm floor” and electrification).

Внутренняя отделка балкона: материалы, идеи, рекомендации

Ecobilan — a living taste of the tree

The traditional material for covering the loggia siding. As usual, wooden, emphasizing the naturalness of a room, and modern, which is called the lining.
“Wooden” balcony creates a visual and tactile sense of warmth and harmony with nature. The walls are sheathed with clapboard, will be a great “backdrop” to elaborate greenhouses with “vertical gardens”, to simulate “ethnoscape” or even a mini-beach with sun loungers and a waterfall.

  • Application advantages of lining — it is mounted easily and fast, separate fragments in case of damage easy to replace. In addition, boards of different wood species can be combined in a thoughtful manner, becoming a kind of functional panels.
  • Laying on the balcony the usual classic battens, it is important to carefully observe the technology of its prevention from wear and tear, handling the fragments of the antibacterial composition, then varnished, and a few years later again to be sanded and cover a new layer of varnish.
  • Slightly less efforts deliver the lining, on dies that were originally made grooves for easy attachment, the joint is extremely simple and the fit of the dies to each other. Visual plus lining — won’t need frequent hardware.
  • If you don’t like the idea of wooden ceiling of the loggia, it is possible to simulate, for example, to use the siding, painted “under the bunk”.

    Внутренняя отделка балкона: материалы, идеи, рекомендации

    The siding is beautiful and unobtrusive

    Externally, the siding resembles the lining, but the nature of it is different, it is a synthetic material similar to wood only visually.

    Professional balkanski see the use of this material many advantages.

  • Simple installation — the siding dies are interconnected using the available slots, in addition. In the crate they can just be glued.
  • A unlimited palette, as well as plot decisions — today you can buy the siding on any subject, from red-colored, for example, fuchsia, to floral or ornamental.
  • In the directory there is a siding that imitates other materials, such as mosaic tile, art Wallpaper, decorative plaster.
  • Functional advantage of the siding is resistant to temperature changes.

    Внутренняя отделка балкона: материалы, идеи, рекомендации

    Plastic panels — inexpensive, but beautiful

    Plastic panels are considered to be the most democratic material, ” however, and the most appropriate solution for creative interior of a loggia, after the drawings on the panels can be very different.
    Buying plastic panels, for example, in the Egyptian style, you’ll throw the style of the balcony with a few accessories, and the leading emphasis will be inexpensive, but catchy, sheathing panels.
    Minus the plastic panels — they can be deformed, if you push them.

    Внутренняя отделка балкона: материалы, идеи, рекомендации

    Drywall — not only covering, but also the balcony furniture

    Drywall, even if your glassed loggia efficiently, it is better to use moisture-proof. Installing a metal crate, then filling it with insulation and stacked sheets of drywall, master dobyutsya effect of perfectly smooth walls and optionally the ceiling.

    But that’s not all. Plasterboard can be performed elements that visually will look great as part of a shared balcony headset.

  • Bar, made around the perimeter of the loggia.
  • Shelves for flowers, photographs and Souvenirs, you calculated to the millimeter.
  • Внутренняя отделка балкона: материалы, идеи, рекомендации

    Creative interior — traditional materials

    Fashion trends modern interiors, loggias and balconies included in a number of materials appropriate for finishing, and even a cork panel. However, thinking through visual zoning of the loggia and the overall composite panel, you can turn to familiar materials.

  • In combination with interesting furniture and vibrant accessories will look great painted in bold colour brickwork.
  • Loggia can be mosaic or ceramic tiles — in this case, the balcony definitely really need to insulate, because it is a “cold” material.
  • She’ll look cladding artificial stone, it is important that masters do not forgot to cover it with water-repellent composition.
  • Choosing the decision of the balcony and fantasizing on the theme you saw in the samples directory, don’t forget about a very important aspect of a loggia or a balcony, even if they are not combined with the living room, are a continuation of the bedroom or living room. For this reason, be sure to match the interior solution of the balcony with the overall style of the room.

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