Insulation of a cold attic: competently, quickly, fireproof

Утепление холодного чердака: грамотно, быстро, пожаробезопасно

In a private house, the attic is rarely used on a permanent basis. Traditionally, it’s a kind of space between the ceiling of the living spaces and a pitched roof. And as the air gap it plays a role in the insulation of the building, but the horizontal overlap — a kind of “fifth wall” in a thermal contour of the house that require thorough insulation to keep the required temperature inside the building and to spend a minimum of thermal energy on heating it.

Утепление холодного чердака: грамотно, быстро, пожаробезопасно

What it’s made of

Material for thermal insulation of attic of a private house may be a polystyrene or polyurethane foam, in the villages often used even ordinary sawdust. But in this case it should be clearly understood that in the attic, thereby, their own hands laid a high-explosive bomb. Although a good insulator, especially for wooden houses must have a whole set of additional properties that make the “fifth wall” fire safe, vapor permeable, resistant to rodents and mold. Slabs of stone wool GreenGuard UNIVERSAL was created by specialists of the Russian Corporation TekhnoNikol specifically for private, including wooden house-building projects and green building. It is easy gidrogenizirovannye, non-flammable heat and sound insulating material of new generation based on natural components (rock wool in organic binder) with high environmental performance and a lifespan of over 100 years.

Утепление холодного чердака: грамотно, быстро, пожаробезопасно

An optimal ratio of density and chaotic arrangement of fibres, GreenGuard UNIVERSAL does not shrink and absorbs a sound wave, which additionally has a positive effect for tenants.

How this is done (technique)

Утепление холодного чердака: грамотно, быстро, пожаробезопасно

Typically, the design of the ceiling in private house is made of wooden log. The design is optimal for placement of thermal insulation GreenGuard WAGON. Insulation boards placed between the wooden joists vraspor. The recommended distance between the joists in this case is 600 mm (axes), or 580-590 mm “in the light”. The width of the plates GreenGuard UNIVERSAL just — 600 mm, which allows you to put stuff breaking, without waste and unnecessary effort in trimming.

Утепление холодного чердака: грамотно, быстро, пожаробезопасно

The thickness of the insulating layer is calculated based on the characteristics of the region of construction and building purpose.

Vapor barrier is the most important layer of the “pie” in the insulation of a cold attic. It’s created from materials that do not allow moisture saturation pairs of warm air from the dwelling inside the system. This layer is stacked from the ceiling and attached the bottom side of the wooden joists. Thus, from moisture to be protected not only mineral wool, but also wood logs. The tightness of this layer is carried out using the joints of the blades overlap at least 100 mm and the obligatory sizing seams. Below the ceiling is the large-material: OSB-3, plywood or sheets of gypsum Board.

On the upper side of the “pie” recommended laying windproof, waterproof vapor-permeable membrane, which can remove moisture from the insulation that keeps the energy efficiency of the slabs of stone wool. This membrane protects the insulating material against wind and moisture, if they are entering the loft space. The membrane is not strictly a prerequisite, especially if she’s already laid in slope roofing.

A very important point — it is not allowed to lay a vapour barrier film from the both sides of the insulation. This can lead to waterlogging of the material within the system and the loss of insulating properties of the boards GreenGuard UNIVERSAL and generally overlap.

Thus, the insulation of a cold attic modern fireproof insulating materials is small and rather simple set of operations that will maintain comfort in the house and make it truly secure.

GreenGuard UNIVERSAL: competently, quickly, fireproof!