Instead of dolls, five year old beauty blogger won the network

Вместо кукол: пятилетняя бьюти-блогер покорила сеть

For videobloom baby monitor more than 200 thousand subscribers!

What we see daily on social networks! The opinions and work of the bloggers are valued no less than the experts!

Many popular bloggers have millions of subscribers who regularly listen to advice and use lifehacks of instated.

But this blogger different from all the others, because the baby Makaela Starr is not even six years old!

The girl together with his mother created a page on Instagram, which shares with followers video tutorial with makeup and hairstyles. On a pink background beauty blogger from America has skillfully managed their children’s hands with stylers, curlers, false eyelashes and Foundation. It should be noted that Makaela makeup and hairstyles succeed better than many adults.

For posts of this little one watch is a pleasure!

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