Installation of plastic Windows according to GOST. Why is it important?

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?

Windows play a key role not only in home lighting but also in creating a comfortable microclimate in the rooms. Therefore, it is very important that they were safe, environmentally friendly and faithfully performed their duties, especially ahead of the onset of cold weather.

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?

But how often in construction we carefully eyeing the details? The Assembly process of PVC Windows long-established and automated, the error rate is minimal. However, the installation depends on the human factor, the skill of the installers, the correct choice of materials. It often happens that the master of “trash” in order to save yourself time and effort, without regard for the fact, what problems can lead to their shortcomings.

Mistakes installers can negate all the positive things that give quality of the window construction.

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?
The installation is made with a lot of violations

But what are the questions ask on installation of Windows? How to control the quality of work? After all, it determines how long will be your new window. Whether to skip the cold, is not covered if the mold do not come into disrepair after a year or two?

Installation of plastic (PVC) Windows according to GOST

There are several options for the installation of Windows, but professionals say that only one of them is really high quality and reliable — installation of Windows according to GOST with the creation of a three-layer ventilated weld. This method takes into account the climatic features of Russia, and features materials of construction.

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?

Installation (installation) of plastic Windows is governed by several documents, of which there are two main.

GOST 30971-2012

This GOST, called “Seams mounting nodes contiguity window units to wall openings”, was developed in 2002 with direct participation of specialists of technical Department GK Robiteks.
In 2012, the document was finalized, and there was a GOST 30971-2012, and is still current.

GOST R 52749-2007

“Seams window mounting with paropronitsaemye self-expanding ribbons”. Assembly joints conforming to the requirements of this Standard have the required sound and thermal insulation characteristics provide the necessary air – and water-resistance and ensure the removal of diffusion and condensate moisture from the mounting gap during the given period of operation.

GOST formalizes a natural process of installation, making concrete and orderliness. This reduces the percentage of errors and the arbitrary actions of the masters of installation of Windows.

Rigid formalization protects the interests of buyers and struggling with the age-old Russian negligence. So, to have any guarantees, and monitoring tools, it is wise to choose firms that practice the installation of plastic Windows according to GOST.

If in the process of installation of Windows did not comply with the requirements of the state standard were violated process and specifications, or used substandard materials, you will soon have to face the consequences.

The consequences of improper installation of Windows

Through the blowing and flowing of the seam Assembly. Even with closed wings will feel the draft. It may appear immediately or after some time after installation. If the seam is made with violations, it is easily destroyed under the influence of atmospheric precipitation and UV radiation.

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?
Sealer securely covers the foam and protects it from rain and ultraviolet radiation

Condensate and frost on the Windows, the freezing of the weld. This happens because of the high humidity inside and the bad sealing of the seam Assembly. Water can penetrate and outside the premises, from natural precipitation, if there were irregularities, or even to condense from the wall in which the window.

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?
A large amount of condensation on the window

The appearance of mold and mildew in the area near the Windows and walls near the weld. This occurs also due to poor sealing and high humidity. Outside or inside of apartment inside seam get dust particles, plant pollen, microorganisms and even insects. In the heat and humidity formed a perfect environment to support their livelihoods, which leads to the destruction of the materials.

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?

The appearance of mold

It is very important that the insulation that is inside the weld, were dry and not in contact with moisture either from the apartments or from the street. Because then it loses its properties of insulation, sealant and sound insulation material.

Technology proper installation involves a number of activities aimed at ensuring the proper functioning and durability of the weld. The mounting joint from the side of the room must be air and vapor tight, and from the street opposite — permeable to water vapour. The inner part of this seam (and it is precisely the heater, in which almost 99% of cases is PU foam) should provide the necessary resistance to thermal and sound transmission.

Polyurethane foam as insulation, has many advantages, for example, it is not reflected fluctuations in day and night temperatures, as well as fluctuations upon changing of the seasons (winter-summer), it remains dense and well performs its function. But she does not tolerate ultraviolet light and humidity. Therefore, the foam must be closed with special tape PSUL, vapor barrier and diffusion strips.

How to install plastic Windows with the help of specialized tapes

Any work on the installation of plastic Windows starts with surface preparation. First dismantle the old window, sanded and leveled a new opening. For work use special plasters and primer.

In parallel, prepare for the installation of a window unit. Necessary to make the removal of valves, blind Windows and drill holes for fasteners. With street-side glue tape sealant: PSUL — permeable sealing tape. This tape protects the insulation from external influences, but will allow moisture, if any is formed in the seam to come out. PSUL also compensates for deformation of the weld that occurs in new homes under various mechanical loads or thermal strains in the window.

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?

From the front side of the box window block is attached to another tape sealant vapor barrier tape. This mounting tape protects the seam from penetration of moisture from warm air inside the room.

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?

Window unit along with the ribbons to be placed into the opening on the bearing pads and align the level and plumb. Then fasten the window unit in the opening using the fasteners. The holes must be sealed to prevent the wicking of water into the chambers of the PVC profile, and Assembly seam.

In the lower part of the window unit from the street side of the diffusion adhesive waterproofing tape. It is necessary to protect the underside of the seam from moisture. Later the tape will be closed with the tide, apparently it will not.

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?

Moisturize with water and then fill with foam the gap between the window unit and window opening.

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?
The installation process

Vapor barrier adhesive tape to the surfaces of the window opening, pre-moistened foam water spray (for the normal passage of essential chemical reactions). After moisturizing can’t wait until the foam dries, and immediately begin to seal up the tape, taking into account the expanding foam. Or you can wait for the complete drying of the foam, and then cut off the excess and glue the ribbon.

Hung sash, set hollow glass units and give the design to stand up to the foam be dried up and became hard. If necessary, after drying defects that can be eliminated.

Control of installation works

Inspect the outside of the seam Assembly. Tape PSUL must not have gaps, polyurethane foam should not be visible. Diffusion tape should be tightly adhered to the surfaces of the window unit and opening, including the corners. All openings should be securely sealed.
The inner side must be firmly attached vapor barrier tape, without gaps or delaminations. The corners are enhanced to the mutual overlap of the tape. All polyurethane foam must be placed under the vapor barrier tape.

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?
Assembly seam, inside view

The bulk of the work is finished. You can now install drip Board and tide. The joints should also be treated with a sealant to prevent the ingress of moisture. When installing window sills should also take into account the flow of warm air from the radiator and, if necessary, to provide air channels.

Установка пластиковых окон по ГОСТу. Почему это важно?
Erection joint, side view

In General, the principle of proper installation is quite simple. The use of special protective materials, such as band sealers, water repellent vapor permeable tape psul and vapor barrier tape protects the insulation from damage. The window when installed properly will last much longer, and in the future will save you time and money.

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