Insiders say the marriage of Victoria and David Beckham isn’t as perfect as it seems

Инсайдеры говорят: брак Виктории и Дэвида Бекхэм не так идеален, как кажется

The media is full of news about the ideal family life, 42-year-old David and 43-year-old Victoria Beckham. The happy parents have been together for 20 years and are raising four children. However, insiders have a different opinion and are going to dispel the myth of the ideal family of the Creator of the fashion brand and the famous football player.

Инсайдеры говорят: брак Виктории и Дэвида Бекхэм не так идеален, как кажется

“There is nothing unusual in the fact that couples change and evolve. Even when David and Victoria are going at his country house in Oxfordshire, they can live in different “worlds”. The house has been designed so that it from her and he has his own separate wing. I think each of them lives its own life. When you’re married for so long, a certain distance can be useful,” said a source close to the famous couple.

Despite this, according to the insider, the couple will always be together, because their four children remain the link. “Victoria and David are like every married couple I know. In some days they are cold to each other, and in some Vice versa. They may seem icy to the public, but is actually very warm and funny. Victoria hard at first, but when the wall disappears in front of you a very happy woman. And David is just stunning,” — said the insider.

But only recently, netizens could not get enough of long hair, daughters, spouses Harper. Victoria shared the photo to his instagram where you can see long hair Harper. Little one engaged in creative work in the fresh air, while mom recorded it from the back. From this perspective perfectly clear long hair girls. Members of the designer in the comments are unable to ignore this beauty and immediately broke out a flattering review little girl and her mother. Many have called Harper a real Rapunzel.

The main defenders of long hair girls became her father, 42-year-old David Beckham. Trying Victoria to cut the girl, he immediately objected: “No! Since the birth of Harper we not cut her hair. They’re so good, right?!”.

While Harper enjoyed the work, her older brothers were not bored: they prepared the dessert, chocolate-covered strawberries. Frames of the kitchen Victoria also shared in Instagram.

Early popular topic for discussion was the capricious behavior of the girls. Star, the Beckham family is constantly in flight and this time went from Britain to the USA for spring break. Six-year-old Harper was not used to long flights and very tired. Because of this, the baby began to cry, and mom Victoria started to calm her down. This scene was captured by paparazzi at the airport immediately after the flight.

In the photos, Harper looks very upset, clearly unhappy with something. 43-year-old Victoria is trying to calm the daughter, kissing her and hugging. 15-year-old Romeo also has not stood aside and attempted to reason with the younger sister. 13-year-old Cruz decided not to get into a fight, because the expression on his face shows that such vagaries sisters he is tired. The conflict was settled just a couple of minutes, and mom and daughter hand left the airport.