Инсайдеры говорят: Пэрис Хилтон готовится стать мамой

Recently Paris Hilton has split up with her fiance, actor Chris Silkou, which was already planning a big wedding! He took the breakup very painful and even asked the star to give her an expensive ring. Paris explained the difficult decision to break up with her future husband at a catastrophic lack of time! What is even more amazing news insiders that the star is preparing to become a mother!

The Western media, “armed with” insider information report that Paris decided to get pregnant with donor sperm! “She’s looking for a worthy donor, who agreed to keep it a secret. It is important that he had a beautiful appearance, high intellectual level and that he was from a wealthy family,” says the insider.

Immediately there was speculation by the media, who believe that Paris just can’t watch the joy of motherhood her sister Nicky. Nicky brings up a girl named Terry Marilyn — in honor of her great-grandmother Marilyn June, and baby Lily grace Victoria Rothschild. Without changing the traditions, Hilton put too chic queries, which is simply impossible to meet. As they say representatives of the media, “Millionaires don’t donate”.

Despite the difficulties with donor search, Paris is determined and is going to get pregnant! The star even reported that you are ready to raise a child.

We will remind that recently went to Paris with her future husband. Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka did not hide their relationship, and soon spoke about the future wedding. However, the event had to be postponed because of the busy schedule of the actress, and soon to cancel. The couple broke up, how would not it sad. Official comments from Paris were not, and only significant quote of Marilyn Monroe in a profile instagram. But now the actress and designer in detail told, how it feels after breaking up with love.

“I feel fine. Now I spend my time as I want. I just feel that when I fall, I fall hard and fast, then everything was so romantic, but over time I realized it was the wrong decision. I wish Chris all the best. One day I would like to get married and have children, but now I’m just focused on themselves and their work,” said Paris in an interview on The Talk.

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