Insiders say: Chris pine is Dating Annabelle Wallis

Инсайдеры говорят: Крис Пайн встречается с Аннабелль Уоллис

Recently in the media often appear the news about the separation of the solid and at least couples in Hollywood, and the Western insiders decided to dilute them, saying about a new relationship stars “star trek”. 37-year-old Chris pine is Dating 33-year-old Annabelle Wallis, says the source. Recently saw a couple at the airport in London.

As reported by the insider, they were together in Hawaii for a few days. However, upon arrival in the capital of great Britain the stars kept very restrained. They were at a distance from each other that did not give reason to think about their romantic relationship. It is obvious that pine and Wallis are not yet ready to publicize their relationship. That the pair really are vacationing in Hawaii shows the picture in instagram the girl.

Recall that perhaps the most famous novel of Wallis was her relationship with Chris Martin. Which to pine, he met many stars, including Olivia Munn, Zoe Saldana, Zoe Kravitz, and others.

Early 34-year-old Hollywood actor gave an interview for the magazine “Flaunt” and told that to act in “Horrible bosses 2” is he really liked: “It was ridiculous and funny. I think the second part was better than the first. The guys were very good, they paid a lot of attention to detail and played great. I liked that we had a fairly free schedule. We were given huge freedom.”

In addition, Chris speculate about the connection of generations: “Our generation lives by the principle “the trauma of generations.” I like this idea. I also like knowing that I’m not alone. I am a product of their parents, who in turn were born of their parents, etc. for Example, if my great-great-great-grandfather was an alcoholic, his addiction now is a reflection on me. Thus, if you examine in more detail their ancestry, you will understand who you are.”

And pine talked about competitiveness: “I love to compete. Because, if there is no competition, then why do we do what we do? For me competition is a method to experience again the joy.”