Инсайдеры говорят: Бруклин Бекхэм не умеет фотографировать

20-year-old Brooklyn Beckham is famous not only thanks to their parents and an impressive baggage of exes, but also the skill of photography. The son of Victoria and David Beckham already got the copyright to the photo album marked filming for top designers. However, professional photographers do not share the awe of the work of Brooklyn, and the insiders tell — the young man does not know the basic skills of shooting.

Инсайдеры говорят: Бруклин Бекхэм не умеет фотографировать

Brooklyn interned by British photographer Rankin, who is not in awe of his work. Looks like wonder Beckham left school at Parsons School of Design. According to the insider edition of the Sun, colleagues shocked by the lack of the photographer, even the basic skills of shooting. For example, Brooklyn was having problems with the light installation, and even setting up the camera.

“Everybody knew that the job Brooklyn needs adjustment, but no one has suggested that it is not able to perform the simplest tasks. He is an absolute beginner in the business. Him had high hopes, but the start was a failure. Lack of skill Brooklyn tries to compensate with enthusiasm,” — said a source from the team, which now runs Brooklyn.

The team even had a themed joke: “Brooklyn knows only to press the button on the camera… Yet no one asked him to tea, but some of the team barely cope with the temptation. It became a joke.”

Parents of Brooklyn support any initiatives of the son. First camera son gave David, when he lost interest in learning. The eldest son so carried away with the photography skills that, even in 2017 has released the author’s photo album of What I See (“I see”). The album was criticized to the nines, calling the project “vain” and “empty”. Despite the opinion of colleagues, Brooklyn never ceases to start filming. in 17 years, the young photographer shot the advertising campaign Burberry and to this day continues to work with the famous brands and stars.

By the way, dad Brooklyn is a big influence on his life. As David Beckham made against the girl son. Despite the prohibition of his father, the young photographer continues to meet with the Hanoi model the Cross, and this supports mom Victoria Beckham.

Relationships of Brooklyn and the Khans can not be called cloudless. The couple always quarrels, there are many witnesses. “David is closely associated with Brooklyn, and she and Victoria are very worried because of his quarrels with Hanoi. David wants Brooklyn seriously wondered whether he has a future with it,” said the insider.

David asked his son not to take Khan on family activities. Recently the whole family was vacationing in Miami and the model wasn’t there. “David asked Brooklyn to spend time with his family — he wanted to understand what was going on in his head and help him. He knows that love at a young age can be very cruel, and doesn’t want these public showdown happened on a regular basis.

Together to interfere, he tries to act calm and wants to give Brooklyn a few tips. But all are absolutely clear that David is not a fan of the Khans,” said the source.

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