Инсайдеры говорят о состоянии Бритни Спирс

37-year-old Britney Spears once again going through hard times. The star suffers from psychological problems while her parents are fighting for custody. According to the Manager of the star, the poor condition can and does become a point in the career of Britney. Insider has provided new information about the state of the stars. To help the Spears can only medicines.

“Britney’s serious emotional problems that can be solved with drugs alone. As if she’s not in control of his emotions. Jump mood: it’s all good, then awful again,” said the insider.

The insider reported that drugs that Spears took a long time do not help. “There is no doubt that she needs to take medication again to attempt to find a balance. It’s very scary when the meds don’t work. Spears daily experienced a range of emotions. Now she is very lethargic and depressed. Sometimes she is like a zombie. There’s no life and definitely no passion. It’s very sad.”

Celebrity Manager Larry Rudolph does not exclude its departure from the scene. “Based on the information, which is misleading me and everyone who works with her, it is clear to me that she should not return to this series of concerts in Las Vegas. Or in the near future, or perhaps ever,” he said.

Recall that in Los Angeles held a hearing on the case of Brittany, where the star was asked to relax the mother and allow her to cope with some cases. The meeting was held behind closed doors: it was not just the relatives and lawyers. According to TMZ, in court, Spears said that the father forcibly kept her in the clinic and were forced to take drugs.

The lawyer of the mother of Britney, Lynn Spears confirmed the testimony of Britney. But the judge did not make hasty decisions. The version with the forcible retention in the clinic seems shaky — during treatment, the singer once left the institution. Besides legally the father even during the guardianship is not entitled to retain her anywhere by force.

Now Britney needs to undergo a psychiatric examination, and the following court session will take place on September 18.

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