Insiders say: a new novel by Brooklyn Beckham

Инсайдеры говорят: новый роман Бруклина Бекхэма

Since then, as a young photographer and Beckham’s son Brooklyn broke up with his girlfriend and was captured kissing a Playboy model, girlfriend of the guy changing with extraordinary speed. Most recently at the Coachella festival he was seen with a model, and now insiders tell us about his new novel.

At the moment, the photographer spends a lot of time with 28-year-old singer and dancer lexi Panterra. Visit girls already have a joint video and photo. Apparently, the photographer was fascinated by the girl, because the make great shots. “Last week, Brooklyn and lexi were holding hands during dinner, laughed and flirted,” – said a source close to the couple.

At Coachella-2018 Brooklyn enjoyed the company of 18-year-old Meredith Mickelson cooperating with the Agency, The Lions. Their relationship guys do not hide: the model posted on his instagram story where Brooklyn was dancing at the festival. Paparazzi captured the couple during a break between performances when Beckham and Mickelson went for ice cream and milkshakes. Lexi wood is also not missed Coachella, but her pictures in Instagram Brooklyn has not appeared.

As for Chloe, she decided with the former not date and be in this day as possible. With his brother Trevor, the actress flew to China on the international film festival in Beijing.

Recall that in the story of instagram, the actress announced to subscribers that currently listens to the song Be careful of American hip-hop singer Cardi B. it talks about infidelity. The girl turns to his the wrong guy and talks to him about his feelings. “Always said you’d be with me… Treat me gently… I gave you all… you make Me sick… it hurts Me to hate you…” — the words of the song.

Another early son of David and Victoria Beckham was seen kissing model lexi wood. The couple visited a tattoo parlor in Los Angeles, where Brooklyn had filled his new tattoo. There is Brooklyn and lexi did not hide his tender feelings to each other.