Инсайдеры о новых поклонниках Дженнифер Энистон

If you believe the insiders, the 49-year-old Jennifer aniston five months later, after breaking up again moved on and has already found the new knights! It turns out that the star has been Dating with two men at once!

Инсайдеры о новых поклонниках Дженнифер Энистон

An insider told people magazine that aniston basks in the attention of men. The first is a large lump of a technical field. “They were introduced by a mutual friend. He recently broke up with his wife and is now trying to win Jen. This is all kept secret,” says the insider.

But the second boyfriend interested in creativity. “Second — creative people, they met a few months ago when Jen started to work on a new project,” says the insider.

What kind of project is it — is unknown. A couple of months ago, aniston started acting in the film Dumplin. Now Jennifer is also working on a painting for Netflix — Murder Mystery. The work helps her to cope with troubles and precipitate a breakup. “Close to Jen are very happy that she is again Dating someone”.

Recall that after his divorce from Jennifer aniston journalists did not let up and try to find a new pair of Justin Theroux. The actor himself confirms the novels, and in an interview for the magazine Men’s Health spoke about the doubts and bad experiences. I hope it was not about Jennifer.

“Doubt is good. We all doubt, when we start something new. Doubt motivates and helps us to try to do better. I often doubt, but don’t lose faith. How to cope with doubts? Pretend not to doubt yourself… When you feel stalled and stuck in some situation, don’t forget that even from this experience you can learn something worthwhile. Bad experience instructive,” said the actor.

Insiders report that the actor is still single. “Now Justin is not bound by any relationship. He is very sociable, so loves to hang out with friends, meeting new people. All he spends his free time with friends and family, for example, are very close with your brother,” said a source close to the actor.

Recently Justin tried to drag the affair with Emma stone. Stars spend a lot of time together: they visited the show cruise collection of Louis Vuitton in Paris, and then went on vacation to the South of France. The actress claims that Theroux her “like a brother”.

In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, the actress has denied the rumors about the affair and reported that spending time together means only their brotherly relationship. “He’s like a brother to me, and it’s very fun,” she said.

Recall, the media attributed Theroux another affair with 28-year-old model Laura Harrier. Actress and model was in the company of Emma and Justin.

On Saturday, may 26, paparazzi captured Theroux and Harrier time yachting in the South of France. This chic holiday should take place in the company of a loved one, allude to that media. Sources say that the actors were drawn to each other, and maybe not friendly, and romantic attraction. It is worth noting that the 46-year-old actor visited the show cruise collection of Louis Vuitton, which also came and Laura.