Инсайдер говорит: у Анджелины Джоли роман с Томом Хиддлстоном

Insiders continue to find out who Affairs the recently divorced star. Justin Theroux, according to insiders, was interested in peers, what is also featured Angelina Jolie. After her divorce from brad pitt star had an affair with 37-year-old Tom Hiddleston.

As reported by Woman’s Day, the actress spotted a colleague during the ceremony “Golden globe”. Then Angelina sat together with a colleague of Tom’s Chris Hemsworth, who decided to tell their problems. “Angelina complained to his friend that she was disappointed in love and she needs to heal the wounds after a painful divorce from pitt. It Chris said that she love his friend and That they need to talk,” said the insider. Rumor has it that after the ceremony, the stars went out, which was organized by Chris.

Insiders claim that the novel pair lasts for several months, although the star information is not confirmed.

Ex-Husband of Angelina brad pitt, too, not bored and has already found a love interest. Brad pitt is very interested in 42-year-old Neri Oxman, with which also communicates a love for architecture. Now the media has new information indicating the beginning of a relationship, pitt and Oxman. It turns out that a famous actor is interested in a woman and began courting her last year, when his divorce was in full swing.

In November 2017 pitt visits Oxman on one of his lectures at Massachusetts Institute of technology. This was confirmed by pictures of the students with the star, which was done right after class. “It’s brilliant and simply gorgeous,” admired Neri for her students.

The lack of professional education has not prevented the actor to do what you love — architecture. Pitt just loves it, and United it with Oxman. They spend a lot of time together and talking about architecture. Even their acquaintance took place while working on an architectural project. However, insiders close to the actor have reported that romantic relationship between them. Couple tie only friendship and love to the architectural case. According to them, pitt “interested in hanging out with her as much time as possible”.