Insider says: cause a nervous breakdown, Selena Gomez was the engagement of Justin Bieber

Инсайдер говорит: причиной нервного срыва Селены Гомес стала помолвка Джастина Бибера

Now Selena Gomez is not the best of times: the singer was hospitalized due to a nervous breakdown. Any news on the status Selena will be contacted with a recent incident that happened with a message on the inside. A source close to the entourage of the singer reported that Selena was just in shock from engagement of former boyfriend Justin Bieber, and is one of the causes of the recent nervous breakdown.

Quoting the words of an insider to the publication People: “Selena, like a delicate flower, is very sensitive and vulnerable, especially because of health problems, so very hard she took the news that Justin and Hailey will go to the altar”.

The insider also assured his audience that happiness in a relationship and future marriage Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were one of the causes of a nervous breakdown. The second reason is the most realistic — lupus. From her singer suffers not the first year. After kidney transplantation, fans hoped for a successful outcome and recovery, but lupus has again made itself felt.

Last year, Selena experienced a complex kidney transplant that was donated by a close friend. Surviving is not a simple disease, the actress is now inspiring others to fight with problems. Previously standing on the stage of the event We Day, Selena thanked all who helped her to fight, and he talked about how it helps others. “Some of you may know, last year I had a kidney transplant. Many people gave me their helping hand and offered its support. Some of my story helped to find the strength and courage to fight, others to begin to help. All of these people reminded me that I’m incredibly lucky — I have a platform where I can share with you their experiences and answer you with love,” said Selena.

Selena Gomez suffered a severe kidney transplant, which was required due to the diagnosis of lupus erythematosus (an autoimmune disease). Selena’s friend Francia rice, which has become a donor to important body survived the surgery worse, because restoring it took a lot longer. The body of the Rice was coming out of it long enough, from-for what that is faced with serious psychological problems.

Selena supported her friend and shared her depression. “The social worker, who I asked, what can I expect, said I will not be easy, since I will lose what I need. Selena gets what she needs, so she will recover faster. And so it was. We have with Selena was depressed,” said Francia in a recent interview.

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