Инсайдер: Джонни Депп устраивал Эмбер Херд кровавые разборки
The actor cut off his finger, suspecting wife of infidelity.

Johnny Depp and amber heard

A little
every day there are new shocking details concerning short,
but extremely scandalous marriage of johnny Depp and amber heard. In may of this year she accused johnny of systematic beatings and aggressive
behavior, and now there’s new evidence of his bullying allegedly Depp in another fit of wild rage so severely damaged
his hand that he needed the help of a surgeon. The website of the Daily Mail, who wrote about it, did not disclose his source of information, however, insists on its authenticity and suggests that she got it directly from the participants of those events.

It happened in March last year, when johnny starred in
the next movie in the franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean”. That day, Depp got drunk and
pounced on amber with reproaches, accusing her of cheating. He imagined that she
romance with actor Billy Bob Thornton, her partner in several films. Hurd denied it, but Depp is so broke that
began to destroy everything around. A fragment of one of the panes, which
he broke off his part of the middle
finger on his right hand. Depp, damaged dip your finger in some paint,
wrote on the mirror: “Easily accessible amber and Billy Bob!!!”

was so serious that I had to do the surgery. To bring in
the procedure finger, the surgeon even transplanted actor soft tissue from another part
body. Slow heal: 5 months later johnny was still walking with a plaster on his finger. By the way, because of this incident, the shooting was stopped
for three weeks, resulting in the filmmakers suffered huge

by the way, this is the second dirt on johnny over the last few days
appearing on the network. Just a couple of days ago in the Network was posted a video in which Depp furiously yelled at amber and carried everything in their
house in Los Angeles…

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