“Insanely regret it!” Andrei Arshavin for the first time gave a Frank interview about divorce

«Безумно жалею об этом!» Андрей Аршавин впервые дал откровенное интервью о разводе
The player tries to keep the family together with Alice Catimini.

«Безумно жалею об этом!» Андрей Аршавин впервые дал откровенное интервью о разводе

Andrey Arshavin and Alice Kazmina

Photo: Alexander Kurov

Andrey Arshavin has decided to go public about what is currently happening in his family. Not so long ago in the Network appeared rumors that his current wife is Alice Kazmina is preparing to file for divorce. Said athlete “spree” from the mother of his little daughter of Eseni. Player only now publicly admitted that he indeed cheated on the spouse.

Arshavin confessed that, well, Yes, the betrayal was, but he is very sorry about them and wants to save his family. Recently, the athlete with Alice lived in two cities: he trained at Alma-ATA, and his wife and children lived in Saint Petersburg. Very soon he might finish his career in “Kairat” signed a contract until December 2017 and the question of extension is not yet resolved. And while it will return to the Northern capital, where it will try to establish a relationship with Alice.

“My wife works in St. Petersburg, her children, she’s a wonderful mother, caring, attentive. To be honest, really miss you and your child – little Ezine, and kids Alice. We are with them one team – after all, six years of living together. Yesterday I had the last match in the championship. Return to Peter: I hope that the wife will change her mind and again we will be together as one!” a football player said.

Remembering the story of the parting of Andrey to the mother of his three children — Julia Baranovskaya, his confession is unpredictable — such an outcome was predicted by many people, observing the behavior of the player. That’s just the last time Arshavin didn’t even attempted to save my family… by the Way, recently Julia has acted with words of support to Alice, admitting that he sympathizes with his wife.

Andrew and Alice Arshavin

Photo: Instagram.com

Andrew added that his mother — Tatyana Ivanovna was so upset that Alice broke up with him. Kazmina really liked her from the beginning, she easily found a common language with the mother of Arshavin. “She became friends with Alice, found a common language with children, often came to Alma-ATA, walked with them, helped to educate everyone together, rooting for me at the stadium!” — said Andrei StarHit.