Inna Zhirkova enlivened the social life of St. Petersburg

Инна Жиркова оживила светскую жизнь Петербурга The wife of a famous footballer has gathered for the show of new collections of many celebrities. Popular fashion designer was supported by not only my husband Yuri Zhirkov, but and TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya, model Victoria Lopyreva, Ekaterina Malafeeva, and many others.

      Инна Жиркова оживила светскую жизнь Петербурга

      In the white hall of the hotel “Astoria”, located on St. Isaac’s square, held a fashion show of evening dresses by Inna Zhirkov – the founder of the brand Studio Milo Milo bi INNA ZHIRKOVA, the wife of famous football player Yuri Zhirkov and owner of the title “Mrs. Russia – 2012”.

      Looks like family Gerkovich to St. Petersburg, the social life of the Northern capital significantly revive. At least the show had seen some of the most influential people of the city, such as the clipmaker Alexander Igudin, a friend of many stars and the President of the Corporation PMI Eugene Finkelstein, Vice President of adamant holding Mikhail Bazhenov, the wife of Vyacheslav Malafeev, Catherine, and coach of “Zenit” Sergei Semak. Although Inna did not create his own Studio in St. Petersburg and at every opportunity, hurry to Moscow.

      “I like everything in your city, it is quiet, calm, beautiful, cozy, your kids will love the parks,” said ina after the show.

      Support your favorite friend came and TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya, which at the time, Inna helped to settle in Moscow. Now Julia is emblazoned on the pages of a colorful lookbook with models Inna.

      “We worked very hard on this lookbook, it was stylish, beautiful, cool. When you work with the soul, and turns everything on the highest level,” smiled Baranovskaya.

      Инна Жиркова оживила светскую жизнь Петербурга

      Alas, on the podium, the audience Baranovskaya never saw, but her place was charming Victoria Lopyreva, which opened and closed the show. The new collection includes evening and cocktail dresses with hand-made Italian lace and embroidery, which has already managed to try Alsou, actress Anna Kalashnikova, “miss World 2015” Marina alekseychik, Olga Buzova and many other celebrities.

      After showing her affectionate husband, a football player Yuri Zhirkov, gave the birthday girl a huge bouquet of flowers and gently kissed his wife on the public eye. But Lopyreva and Baranovskaya and then pinned and tickled each other, then cuddled and gently played with my daughter Zhirkov, Milana.

      “I today is specially came to the show in St. Petersburg. Worried though you can’t even say why. Inna boldly and abruptly burst into the modeling world, and she did just fine at the highest level” – said after the show Lopyreva.

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