Inna Zhirkov with children continues to live in the United Arab Emirates

Инна Жиркова с детьми остается жить в Арабских Эмиратах Footballer’s wife decided not to return to Russia. The eldest son of Inna and Yuri Gerkovich, eight-year-old Dmitry to go to school in Dubai. Mother of many children promised to tell details about new life subscribers microblog.

      Relationship Inna and Yuri Jerkovich fans consider ideal. For nine years of marriage, the owner of Atelier – brand MiloMilo by Inna Zhirkova, the model, and the Russians demonstrate a complete idyll. The couple has three children – eight-year-old son, Dimitri, six-year-old daughter, Milan, and the youngest child of the spouses Daniel appeared in September last year. Mother of many children Inna Zhirkov struck the wasp waist

      New year holidays in a family full part held in the United Arab Emirates. In microblogs both spouses often appeared photos showing how all five of well together. Most of the time Jirkova carried out by the water on the beach or in the pool, enjoying the heavenly beauty and perfect weather of the South of the country.

      Dubai is so fond of Inna Zhirkov, she decided to stay here with the children for some time. His plans for the mother of three children shared with subscribers microblog.

      “My children decided to live in Dubai. If you are interested, you can sometimes tell about the weather, the Russian school, groceries and so on,” wrote Inna Zhirkova.

      It is obvious that the wife of the defender of football club “Zenit” Yuri Zhirkov doesn’t want to part with the husband and father of their children. Inna often accompanies Yuri to travel, and less than a year ago easily moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg, when Zhirkov was invited to play for Zenit. “What, in law one is there to do all day? He’s got training in the morning and for lunch he always comes home, goes for walks, plays with children, – says Inna Zhirkov before he moved from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. – I think any woman should follow her husband. No matter what he does, what his profession. For me it’s obvious”.

      In the near future, “Zenith” will begin a training camp that will be held in the United Arab Emirates, and most likely, it is that time the family of Yury Zhirkov going to spend with him, living in Dubai. Jirkova got an apartment with two bedrooms, lounge and kitchen and moved into it from the hotel. Inna does not scare even the fact that their oldest son, Dmitry will have to change school. Most importantly, according to mothers of large families to all of her family was together.

      By the way, subscribers Zhirkov in great enthusiasm responded to the news that she and her children remain in the Emirates. They say that they have already started to wait for her detailed posts about life in Dubai and covered with Innu issues.