Inna Zhirkov struck out the life of a loved one

Инна Жиркова вычеркнула из жизни близкого человека Young woman shocked by the betrayal of a friend. According to Inna Zhirkov, a similar situation occurred in her life for the first time. The wife of a famous footballer is outraged by the behavior of friends who meanly received in relation to it.

The wife of the famous football player Yuri Zhirkov, recently shared an outspoken publication, in which he spoke about the pain of betrayal of a loved one. According to the young women so mean to her no one has ever been reported. Although a similar situation happened in my life Inna.

“One close friend in the past have betrayed me more than once, and I continued to chat as she was acquitted and forgave very quickly. The other biggest scandal in my life still haunts me… I was very hard, and in many people I was disappointed,” said the beloved athlete.

However, what happened with Inna recently, does not fit into any framework. Zhirkov shocked by the behavior of the person, whom she considered family. Nevertheless, a young woman wants the traitor to find happiness in life.

“For so many years I warmed a snake on his chest, and most importantly, all the thoughts that visited me, I drove away and told myself that it’s not as though it was obvious. My God has given great wealth, I can forgive, even if I don’t apologize… You in life I wish you happiness, even in a life there are people in your house will bring wealth. Know that you will not be easy, but regret I do not anymore, because now I was convinced that self-pity is the worst feeling! I continue to not bother! Hurt, shame, shame, yeah it’s just awful when you have to remain silent and not to tell the truth…” – said Inna.

In his publication Zhirkov did not report what had made her acquaintance. The darling of the sports stars I’m sure the traitor will definitely read her post in the microblog. “You know what this is now about you and know that I will not dare to tell the dirt! I probably understand you a little later, but if you understand yourself,” said the young woman.

Inna’s fans supported her and advised me to forget about what happened. “Don’t be sad, that’s life”, “Innusa, all properly written”, “nothing to regret. Such people do not deserve positions”, “Strength to you and wisdom”, “Right thought”, “Peace to your home”, “the more behind you are burning bridges, the brighter the future. You are a bright woman and you’ll be fine”, “the First time you see such a post, but you are wonderful and very kind, and most importantly, love. Else matters” – discussing social media users.