Инна Жиркова отдохнула с детьми на Кипре
The wife of a famous football player told me that her son loved the sea.

Инна Жиркова отдохнула с детьми на Кипре

Inna Zhirkov with her son Danya

Photo: personal archive of ina Zhirkov

Inna Zhirkov with children

Photo: personal archive of ina Zhirkov

On the days of footballer’s wife
“Zenith” Yury Zhirkova Inna Zhirkov returned from Cyprus, where they spent the holidays together
with her three children. For the youngest son Dani, who at the end of September
turns a year old, this is the second trip abroad that baby easily
moved. The head of the family Yuri Zhirkov in that time was in training camp and could not
to join the family holiday. For eight days, until Jirkova was
on vacation, her older children-5-year-old Milan and 7-year-old Dima had not only
sunbathe and swim, but to win the contest “Little Mr. and Mrs.
the hotel”.

traditionally go out to sea before the beginning of the school year and during the period when
Jura training camp and he is away from us, ” says Inna Zhirkova. In this
academic year Dima from Moscow school moves to St. Petersburg, so the kiddies
it was important to relax and recharge. The youngest member of our family, son
Danya, I loved the sea and the pool, not capricious and constantly pulled
me to the water. Managed to visit the petting zoo, and older kids won the competition
the hotel’s beauty. Rested very well.”

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