Inna Volovicheva shared intimate records

Инна Воловичева поделилась интимными записями The star of “House-2” has published the fragments of a personal diary. The woman frankly told subscribers microblog about what happened to her nine years ago. The followers was in awe of the history Inna Volovicheva.

      The audience of the main telestroke country remember what the project came Inna Volovicheva – participant possessed a curvaceous and a lot of complexes about this. After a time, due to constant comments and advice Vlad kadoni brunette was able to get in shape. Of course, not without its own efforts: Inna still talks to fans, as she played sports and what power she held.

      Now Volovicheva a happy wife and mother. Recommendations beauties followed by dozens of women who want to look like their idol. However, many forgot what the problems in his personal life was the ex-participants “Houses-2” before. Intimate entries from a diary shared in Instagram by Inna.

      “19 December 2008. What is sex? I don’t remember. I have more than six months did not have sex because I’m fat. Lush, a friend advised me to register on the Dating site and find yourself there lover Rubenesque forms. She believes that they are few, but they are still there. I decided to check. And honestly wrote in the questionnaire, your weight is 115 pounds. No one responded. And then I decided that men need to cheat: just pinned a photo of a hundred years ago, where I weigh 87 kg and indicated in the column “weight” – 80″, – wrote in post Volovicheva.

      As a result of the cunning stars some men still wrote to her. Inna took two more or less suitable variant – the rest did not fit on the growth or level of intelligence. Before the scheduled date with one of the candidates, the recognition of the heroine, she was very nervous, but did not stop eating junk food. Packing house – Volovicheva made fried potatoes with meat and mushrooms – the woman went to the cafe, where he ordered a green tea. However, fearing not to please a potential suitor, she tried carefully to hide the flaws.

      “I was involved in a corset, tried blush to reduce the cheeks, I let my hair down and hid them under his round, like a bun, face (it turned out how the girl in the movie “the call”), got into the old boots, which terribly shook the tops. As a result, broke her heel and rubbed his feet, came out rouged, like Martha of well-known tales, and a corset pulled so fat on the body that it has formed lip edges and protruding through clothing. In short, beauty is unearthly!” – told the celebrity.