Inna Volovicheva reported familiarity with the pervert

Инна Воловичева сообщила о знакомстве с извращенцем
Some time ago the former participant reality show “House-2” Inna Volovicheva started posting excerpts from your diary.

Инна Воловичева сообщила о знакомстве с извращенцем

She found a personal diary, which led many years ago and which he entrusted their inner thoughts.

Inna recently surprised fans by posting an excerpt from a past that cannot forget until now.

The star tells of an unpleasant encounter with one man, but does not say specifically what he did.

“Such instances of how She is, I’m on a Dating site not been caught, but he was a pervert. The case was still before I moved to Moscow. I got one fruit in Belgorod. Then I weighed 115, but a little less than about 105, but that doesn’t make me a Princess. Therefore, attempts to find his “happiness” on the Internet, I took a long time and to no avail,” shared Volovicheva.

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